Author's note:

I hope this made you uncomfortable. It's not a particularly pleasant story. It was never meant to be. It achieves more by putting aside the elements that make people feel good after reading it.

However, if you think I had an agenda in writing NDOGS, you are mistaken. It isn't supposed to sir up sympathy for the victims of bullying, although I certainly was one. It isn't supposed to justify abuse either, although I hope it is possible for people to see themselves mirrored in the tormentors. It is simply supposed to present the situation, with a dash of the supernatural thrown in.

As for the chemical aspect of the story, I neither endorse nor discourage experimentation. Anything that alters the state of mind or body in a human being is potentially dangerous and should be treated as such. Peer pressure, personality modification, and self destruction are poor reasons to do anything, and are doubly stupid when it comes to drugs. On the other hand, as a writer, I see nothing wrong with seeking new experiences and altering perceptions provided no one gets hurt. I guess what I'm trying to say with this is that if you take this story as justification to hurt yourself, someone else, or impose on their freedoms, I have failed as a writer.

Speaking of which, I would be completely remiss if I didn't credit Gwyneth Jones for both my title and inspiration. The title was lifted directly from her novel "Bold As Love", which won a Clark. If any of you are interested in a much more eloquent story about sex, drugs, and rock and roll, I would recommend giving it a chance.