A/N: Very short song. Very unlike my writing style. No set verses or choruses, since nothing repeats. Was feeling very odd. Guess I was just ranting at myself in musical form... Like usual, true story. The same story. I have music for this one.. Check my profile, and click on the homepage.

Sunset Gone

We were so happy,
Dancing in the sunset.
And now its all gone,
It's something I want to forget.

But it's hard to just forget you,
And let you walk away.
It's hard not to remember,
How I felt that day.
It's hard to say I'm sorry,
For what I might have done.
It's hard to understand you,
Till your own battles won...

How could you do that,
How could you say that,
Why did you want to hurt me...
I can't tell you not to worry...
When I'm im so much pain,
It's just not the same,
Not having you around...
(like music with no sound)