Title: Living The Dream

Summary: This is just a one shot between two members of my fictional rock band 'Bleedin' Through The Eyes Of Deception', enjoy.


Jethro Cane was currently standing on his own in the shower area of the assigned backstage dressing room, his head in his hands, going over in his head what had happened, but bits of the event were blurry and some missing altogether.

Suddenly he heard the dressing room door open, and the distinct voice of Bailei Cooper.

"Jethro?" he heard Bailei ask, he held his breath and stood perfectly still, as the water ran over his head and dripped into his eyes.

"Jethro! Come on I know your in here…somewhere" Bailei shouted, wondering around the dressing room.

He walked into the showers and saw Jethro standing facing the wall, the water cascading off his head, down his back, over his arse, down his legs and forming a pool around his feet. Bailei couldn't stop himself as his eyes made the same journey as the droplet of water, he licked his lips and moaned softly.

Imagining the things he wanted Jethro to do him and the things he wanted to do back. He backed up against the wall, still watching Jethro closely, his hand slipped beneath the waistband of his jeans, he ran the tip of his finger along his length. A second moan escaped his lips, slightly louder than the first caused Jethro to turn around.

"Bailei?" Jethro asked, as he saw Bailei leaning against the wall, with his hand down his shorts, pumping away on his length. Bailei jumped when he heard Jethro say his name.

"Yeah…?" he asked nervously, trying his best to keep looking straight ahead and not let his eyes drop.

"Um…do you want me to…do that?" Jethro asked, looking down at where Bailei's hand was currently positioned.

"What?" Bailei asked, shocked by the question, he was sure he'd heard Jethro's question wrong.

"Do you want me to do that?" Jethro asked more confidently this time, walking over to Bailei, who simply nodded blankly. He was in too much shock to actually speak. Jethro smiled as he ran his hands over Bailei's shoulders and down his back. Stopping at the top of his jeans, he ran his hands back up again this time underneath his t-shirt, Jethro wandered back towards the shower, pulling Bailei with him, however Bailei began to resist

"What's wrong?" Jethro asked

"I'm going to get wet of you pull me under the shower…" Bailei stated, ashamed of his bad excuse.

Jethro simply smiled, leaning forward he kissed Bailei's lips softly and gently.

"So…what's your point? You're going to get changed" Jethro replied, raising an eyebrow at his band mate. Bailei sighed and allowed Jethro to pull him under the shower. Jethro reached back under Bailei's t-shirt and pulled it over is head, taking in Bailei's flat, toned chest and stomach, he licked his lips and leant forward and licked Bailei's neck.

Bailei closed his eyes and put his head back, swallowing as Jethro continued to bite and suck his neck.

"Jethro…" he moaned as he felt the blood rushing to his cock, he moved his hands south, but Jethro was a step ahead of him. He sunk to his knees, and sucked Bailei's cock through the fabric of his jeans.

Bailei bucked his hips forward, gripping Jethro's hair between his fingers, he began to pull at it, thus causing Jethro to look up.

"What?" Jethro asked, smirking at the already breathless teen.

"Nothing…it's just…" Bailei faltered over his answer as Jethro leant forward again and bit his cock gently.

"Just what Bailei?" Jethro asked again

"This is my first time with another guy" Bailei admitted, as Jethro worked his way back up Bailei's stomach and chest, back up his neck and stopping on his lips, he sucked them gently, then he moved forward and began to suck on Bailei's earlobe, causing the older boy to moan loudly.

Jethro let go and smirked.

"Do you like that Bai?" he asked

"Yes…"Bailei moaned as Jethro started to suck on his other ear.

Meanwhile Bailei's hands had been placed firmly on Jethro's arse, he stroked and caressed it tenderly, running his hands up and down.

"Jethro…" Bailei breathed as Jethro bit his ear lightly "I want you inside of me…"

Jethro stopped what he was doing and looked at him.

"Are you sure?" Jethro asked seriously.

Bailei nodded, he had never wanted anything more in his whole life. He had never thought himself to be gay, in fact he was quite sure that he wasn't…but there was something about the way Jethro looked that turned him on immensely.

Jethro smiled "it'll hurt" he told Bailei, who was now in the process of removing his own jeans. Jethro tugged Bailei's hands away placing them around his waist. He slowly leant forward and sucked gently on Bailei's ever so slightly swollen lips.

Bailei swallowed and made another attempt to take his jeans off, the throbbing he felt within his cock was becoming unbearable and he needed to let it out.

"Jethro…I" Bailei moaned a second time, once Jethro had stopped, he got back down on his knees and gently bit his cock through the fabric, Bailei hissed in pleasure, licking his increasingly dry lips.

After what seemed like a lifetime for Bailei, Jethro finally removed his jeans and boxers, at last releasing Bailei's cock.

Jethro looked at Bailei for a moment before leaning forward and licking the head of Bailei's member, he heard a soft moan escape Bailei's lips and repeated the motion a couple more times.

After the fourth time Jethro decided that he had had enough and wanted to be in Bailei, he placed his fingers in Bailei's mouth who automatically began to suck, lick and bite them, lubing them up for what was about to happen.

Bailei felt Jethro's other hand wrap around his still throbbing cock as he began to pump away slowly along his length. Jethro took his fingers out of Bailei's mouth and placed them near Bailei's entrance, he looked and saw Bailei had his eyes closed as he waited for Jethro to put his fingers there.

"Are you sure you're ready for this Bai?" Jethro asked, as he ran his finger around Bailei's tight hole, Bailei swallowed and nodded slowly, preparing for the first finger to be pushed inside of him.

Jethro did just that, slowly pushing the first finger into Bailei's hole, he took Bailei's cock into his mouth to try and take his mind a little bit off the pain he was feeling now. Bailei moaned softly as Jethro's teeth grazed the underside of his cock gently, suddenly he felt Jethro push a second finger into him, twisting them around and moving them in and out so that Bailei could get used to the feeling, he added a third finger and began to stretch Bailei out. He took Bailei's cock out of his mouth, and stood up, his fingers still inside Bailei.

"Fuck me…Bailei you're tight" Jethro commented as he pushed his fingers in and out a few more times, he licked his lips. Jethro had now prepared Bailei as much as he could.

"Are you ready?" Jethro asked, Bailei nodded as he felt Jethro move him up the wet tiled wall and lowered him slowly and carefully onto his cock. Jethro kept still as he waited for Bailei to adjust, Bailei pushed himself back up the wall, and he felt Jethro's cock move inside of him.

"Are you ok?" Jethro asked, Bailei nodded.

"Jethro…I want you to move, I want…" but Bailei was unable to complete his sentence as Jethro drove his cock into him hard and fast, Bailei wrapped his arms around Jethro's neck, twisting his fingers in Jethro's hair.

With every motion Bailei knew he was getting closer to the edge, he tried to wrap his hand around his cock and pleasure himself but with what was going on inside of him he couldn't concentrate properly.

"Jethro…Jethro" he moaned "Oh fuck, I'm so close…Jethro, I'm…" Bailei could feel Jethro's cock pushing him near the point of no return, amazingly Jethro managed to stay inside of Bailei he bent over and licked the tip of Bailei's cock, he could taste the precum that was slowly dripping out of Bailei's cock.

Bailei couldn't believe what was happening, he being satisfied in two ways by one person.

Jethro removed Bailei's cock from his mouth, he looked seriously at his lover.

"Bailei?" Jethro asked, all Bailei could do at the moment was moan, Jethro smiled.

"Can I cum inside of you?" he was still thrusting hard into Bailei, Bailei leant his head back against the wall, gasping sharply he nodded his head, he didn't care where Jethro came just as long as he came.

Jethro knew he couldn't hold it any longer, and with one final thrust he came long and hard inside Bailei, Jethro was almost screaming from the pleasure he felt, within seconds Bailei had shot his load as well, the majority of which landed on Jethro's perfectly sculpted chest and stomach.

Jethro slid down the wall and pulled himself out of Bailei, Bailei sat down beside Jethro, shaking slightly.

"How are you feeling?" Jethro asked, as he wrapped his arm around Bailei's shoulders, kissing the top of his head.

"That was amazing" Bailei replied, as Jethro smiled.


So there you have it, my second fiction on this site…but I'll be writing a lot more to do with my band and their tours and support groups etc, so you'll get to learn about them, but I had this idea floating around in my head so I thought 'what the hey', please read and review and tell me what you thought/think it would be greatly appreciated. Constructive criticism welcome but don't bother flaming.

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