I knew nothing but pain. It was all consuming, all encompassing, it blocked out everything else. They had offered me death instead of the transfusion, but like the asshole I was, I had picked a DNA transfusion. Way to go, me. Then it ended. I could distantly hear myself crying and screaming, but it was all so distant, far away. I ran through facts.

I was in an unknown military testing facility. The world was at peace, but I had been kidnapped from a gang in the underground resistance. I did not know my name, my age, or where I was from. I also knew pain. I did not know how long I had lain in pain, but I knew I had. I could hear my breathing, my hear beat and the bubbling of whatever I lay in.

Then there was the power. There was a kind of currant coursing through my entire body, heating it, cooling it, and charging it. I concentrated on that, letting it cleanse me of troubling thoughts for the moment.

The next thing that troubled my conscious was that I was rising from the liquid, feeling the brush of air on my exposed skin.

"Wake him up… What will happen… have the team… get the girl… she can…"

The voices bombarded my ears, though they were quiet, they were disturbing because they were talking about me. I opened my eyes to see the blank eyed stare of two misty eyes. I yelled, the sound coming out of my mouth shocking even me. She smiled at me.

"Don't be afraid. I cannot hurt you." I steadied my breathing; her voice soothed me after the onslaught of harsh voices. "Your new life has begun, I will show you your face, X."

I blinked and realized two things as I looked in the mirror at my pale, high cheek boned face under my crop of straight black hair. The first, was that the teenage boy who she called X was clearly me, the second was that the power had not gone away and was still flowing.

I pulled through what I thought must be weeks in the same routine. I woke up in the morning in a plain white room with scarred walls. On the bedside table there would be a set of loose fitting clothes, the same white as the room I lived in. I ate what I would eventually learn was a prototype protein cube. They were testing it before they would give it to their troops. Then I did a self-motivated extreme workout. I pushed my self until I thought I would die of exhaustion, and then I would fall asleep in that small white room. The cycle went on for weeks, awakening, exercise, and sleep.

All this changed ten seconds into my daily workout. I entered the door backwards, rolling myself into the room off of the door. I noticed a disturbance on the other side of the glass. My eyes lock on the main combatant. She was sixteen and her fiery hair shone like flames as she twirled and leapt with an elegant grace. The ripped jean shorts and black tank top did not belong in the sterilized environment that I had lived in for the past few weeks. A guard grabbed one of her arms and twisted it around her back. Instead of screaming in pain, she snarled and her features seemed to melt. They developed a harsh, feline quality that spreads with a shiver to the rest of her. Her eyes turned florescent green, the pupils' black, catlike slits.

I was frozen, torn between horror and delight. The heinous transformation held me fixed, while seeing someone my age was wonderful. Her eyes skimmed the faces of the guards, and then she saw me. Her lips curled into a sneer, revealing vampire like teeth. I could feel the mysterious energy again as she looked at me. She twisted herself impossibly, ripping her arms from the grip of the guard. She threw herself into a front tuck through the window into the gym.

Some how I threw myself out of the way of the glass and into a crouch position. The red head snatched two swords off of the walls and spun to face me. I unfolded myself from my crouch, the energy threatening to overwhelm me. She stalked forward, running one of the swords across my neck.

"Surrender to the implant, boy." Her voice hissed like a snake's as she put her face right beside my ear. "Eventually you will have to. Stop fighting it."

She flicked the other sword at my back and the power seized me. My arm came to block the sword and the clang of metal of metal resounded. A burning sensation had spread from the spot the sword had contacted rapidly to the rest of my body, sending a shiver through me. She smiled her terrible, sharp tooth smile and flicked her sword again. This time I seized her wrist, forcing her face close to mine so she could not swing.

She raised her eyebrows and hissed at me, "Welcome to the fray. The newest generation is most certainly welcome with us."