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Chapter 5: Valley of Lilies

Only a few hours after their scene in bed, Alistair and Aiden were in the carriage that the latter had seen from her trip in the wagon that was following them. They were on their way to Alistair's home in the mountains, and though Aiden had wanted to have Aspen in the carriage, he was needed to drive the wagon. Soon it was obvious that it would not have been a good idea to have had Aspen in the carriage.

The first hour or so the couple had spent discussing the story of Aiden, where she had come from, and who her parents had been. Every last bit was made up with the exception of her mother's name. Lilly had been the one thing in her life she would not leave behind. Now she had been the countess of Alucard, and when her father had died, she had married Alistair, making her the duchess of Esperia. It was a simple story, easy to believe. If they said that Alucard was far enough away, it would explain the way she acted, and Alistair would just have to teach her the ways of the court himself, or have his sister help her.

Now though, they had run out of things to prepare themselves for their arrival, and noticed just how cool it was in the carriage. Winter was on its way, Aiden had just finished harvesting all of the crops the evening before she had left, meaning winter was very close. It was evening time now, and it was getting colder by the minute as they headed into the mountains.

Aiden bent down to remove her shoes, they hurt her feet, and though she was trying to learn to wear them, she would do so in small intervals, so as to keep her feet from getting calluses. Apparently ladies didn't have calluses on their feet. She would have to get rid of hers, and keep from acquiring any more. While taking off her shoes, she felt Alistair's hand on her back, slowly running it up and down her spine. She shivered, his hand was warm, it felt nice against her back, especially since it covered most of it and did not have far to move.

Before she could think, Aiden was in Alistair's lap, moaning as he kneaded her chest. In seconds, she could feel his need for her beneath her, and slipped to the floor, smirking at the confused look on the lord's face. His confusion disappeared when she unbuttoned his pants and yanked them down a bit. Aiden enjoyed the look on his face when she smiled before leaning forward and pulling him into her mouth. She gave him the pleasure of being deep inside her mouth and throat before teasing him by only keeping the head in her mouth, flicking her tongue over the meeting place of the head and shaft underneath. He moaned and grabbed her head by instinct, and slowly pulled her closer. Soon she was bobbing slowly enough to drive him up the walls of the small carriage. Just when he was about to die, she sucked harder, pulling him over the edge before he thought he would. She licked him clean before getting up and straddling him, leaning down to kiss him while moving her dress out from under her.

Aiden knew that Alistair was not expecting her to sheath him inside of her, and that is exactly what made her do it. She had been kissing him, holding his head between her hands, and he had been doing the same, when all of a sudden he found that he was moaning into her mouth as she slammed onto him. He was deep inside of her, reveling in the warmth and tightness of her. Instead of pumping herself on and off of him, she gyrated her hips in small circles, enjoying the sensation it created, and the heat as well. Alistair was enjoying her ministrations; his head leaned back while she kissed his neck and switched from gyrations to pumping up and down on him. His intake of breath told her that he was close. She moved slowly at first, then went faster and harder, feeling Alistair grab her hips. She soon was going as fast as she could, tightening around him. Just as she was about to climax around him, Alistair pulled her hips down, bringing himself as deep inside of her as possible, sending them both into their climax. Aiden felt the heat of his pleasure inside of herself, and Alistair felt her pulsate around him.

Without moving herself off of him, Aiden put her head on Alistair's shoulder, panting, and as pleasured as could be.

"You are amazing, Aiden," Alistair tried out the name. He it was new to him still, just as he knew it was for the girl who was still so tightly wrapped around him.

"So are you… Alistair." Aiden had never been able to call anyone by their name except for the cook, and even then she was simply called Cook. She felt herself falling asleep, and slowly lifted herself off of the man below her, sighing as the heat of his member left her feeling cold and empty.

Alistair grimaced when the girl lied herself down on the bench across from him, not only disappointed in the lack of her heat surrounding him, and the pleasure therein, but that she had decided not to lie next to him. By the time his pants were once again properly buttoned, Alistair looked longingly at the girl across from him.

The curves of her body were evident, even in her small, nutrient-deprived state. She was lying on her back, her breasts making a not so subtle mound on her silhouette, and her hips actually stuck up from the rest of her. The fact that she could be so much smaller than her bones should have allowed appalled the Duke, and he knelt to the floor next to her.

For a moment, all the lord could do was stare at her face. He would never get over how beautiful Aiden was. Even the freckles bridging over her nose looked elegant splayed over her. He had noticed them on her body in other places as well during her bath and their love-making after the wedding, and was curious as to rather or not he could find them all. He decided that he would try the moment they made it home and she was happily settled in his chambers. For now he was satisfied to just pet her hair.

After a few minutes, petting her hair was not, in fact, enough. The long sleeves of the dress she wore bothered him, so Alistair decided that she would be better off without the dress at all. It didn't suit her anyway. She didn't seem quite right in a frilly dress, but needed something more elegant and smooth. He would make sure that she had many of them made soon. But first he must get her out of that dreadful dress.

As Alistair sat the slight form of his wife upright, he realized that she slept like a rock. Under the sea. She did not wake as he left a trail of kisses over her face, neck, and ample amount of chest left open by the dress. Nor did she awake as he untied the back of her dress, or when he peeled it off of her, tossing it to the floor.

Alistair stared at the now sitting figure of his wife. Of the woman he loved, and had loved for longer than he could remember. She looked slight, but curvy in the nude. Her breasts were abnormally large for a woman so small as her, but still small. He cupped one in his hand, teasing the nipple into alertness, then began to lick it, first by flicking his tongue over it, and ending by sucking on it, and nipping lightly. While he entertained one breast with his mouth, he massaged the other slowly with his left hand.

Alistair's free and was following the curve of Aiden's hip, and underneath to her smooth bottom, giving it a squeeze. His hand then roamed down to her knee, and then back up the inside of her thigh. Aiden finally awoke with a moan as the Duke's fingers found her pearl, hot and wet.

"What… Oh, oh! What…?" Aiden couldn't form the question, her moans escaping frequently from the pleasure as Alistair's fingers entered her, two of them pumping back and forth, deep inside of her.

Alistair just chuckled, and swirled his fingers as deep inside of her as he could as he pinched her nipple, reveling in the moan he elicited from the goddess in front of him.

"Come here," Alistair instructed as his hands and mouth stopped their pleasuring to pull Aiden's legs off the bench, leaving her bottom just barely on it. He sat up straight on his knees as he undid his pants once again, and smiled at Aiden's confused look.

Once his pants were undone, Alistair spread Aiden's legs around him, and positioned himself right outside of her. Her moan begged him to enter, to please her wants. Instead, he moved his hard member up and down her hot, wet slit, teasing her pearl and entrance a few times before entering her as slowly as he possibly could. She had been tight the few other times he had been inside of her, but this angle was tighter than he had ever experienced, and both of them were moaning and panting. After a few more teasingly slow thrusts, Alistair slammed into Aiden hard, and fast, and deep. The friction was amazing; neither had ever felt such heat, or such pleasure. By some instinct, Aiden's legs rose to line strait up against Alistair's body. The result was that she got tighter around his thrusting member. For twenty minutes Alistair alternated between fast, hard thrusts and gentle, slow thrusts to keep them from climaxing while he listened to the moans and screams he elicited from Aiden.

"Please… Oh! Please… Harder!" Alistair watched her breasts bounce frantically as he heeded Aiden's command, thrusting as deep and as hard as he could, basking in her moans and screams. Within a minute, both of them climaxed, and Aiden's screams finally died out.

Before Aiden could fall asleep again, Alistair helped dress her, and tied her dress back up where she couldn't reach. The young woman fell asleep in his lap just as they reached the base of the mountains, only a few hours away from her new home, and the wonderful lands that came with it.

Alistair had been unaware that he had fallen asleep until he was jostled awake by an excited Aiden.

"Look! Alistair, wake up and look! Look!" She was pointing out the small window on the door to the carriage, amazed at the sight before her. When Alistair joined her at the window, he realized that they were now very close to the castle, though he called it a manor. Outside the window was a huge valley, and they were near one edge, a forest on their other side. The whole valley was covered in withered stems. He knew what they were, and it seemed so did Aiden.

"What kind of lilies are they? Are there orange ones? Mother loved the orange ones, we grew some once, but got in trouble. What about pink? I heard there are red ones too!" Her shining and expectant face shone at Alistair, and a gentle smile spread across his face.

"There are all colors, you'll see in the summer time. Soon the snow will come, and it will be even taller than the lilies. We are almost to the manor, so sit down, and be calm." He tried to look stern, but couldn't help but smile at the woman, she had never said so many words to him.