The following story has been rated T for peril and disturbing situations. Enjoy, and don't forget to write a small review after reading each chapter!


Caleb wept. The teenager was stranded on a moon billions of light-years away from his home planet, Earth. The boy's small shuttle had had its engine torn away into the cosmos upon impact with a wandering asteroid. That teenage boy was Caleb.

A sixteen-year-old kid with greasy, brown, so-messy-it-looks-like-a-bomb-went-off hair, Caleb wore the classic black and blue jumpsuit that all licensed Space Travelers were required to wear while exploring the universe.

"Why me?" he cried, perfectly aware that not even his echo would answer. The lost boy curled up into a ball. He had no way of knowing how much longer his jumpsuit's life-support system would last. Its nano-batteries had to be nearly empty. The suit had been changing the empty non-existence that was the airless space around him into oxygen for hours.

How could I have fallen for all the tricks when the lies were right in front of my face? Caleb thought. Now I'll never see any of them again! My mother. Samantha. My life has fallen apart. I could have been great! I am the son of the greatest Space Traveler on Earth! He glanced up at the lifeless body of a man wearing the same uniform he had on. I tried so hard but you wouldn't listen. Caleb broke into tears again. You lost your future years ago. Now my future is gone with yours…Father.

Why did you have to leave in the first place? Your death ruined my life. And now it may have taken my life. I can tell you about everything that happened after you died. Although, I know you can't hear me.

And so, Caleb began to reflect on his life. The life twisted by the death of his own father. And twisted by tricks and lies that took control of his life and led him to this moon, lightyears away from anybody else but the dead body of his father….


This prologue is heavily based on (and some even copied from) the original "A Future Lost", which was a short story I wrote (you can still read it on the Zelda Poetry and Originals forum). The first three paragraphs are copied from it (with a couple words added). The rest of the short story is the epilogue of this novel version.

This prologue, at time of publication, was meant to be a teaser. The first chapter of the novel will not be written for a few months. Sorry!

This is a work of fiction. Any similarities between the characters in this story and real people, dead or alive, are completely coincidental or are used fictitiously.