This is just a one shot that I actually dreamed and wrote a story around, but decided that after I went back the scene no longer fit. But I was thinking about trying again, and I wanted to know that people thought of it. Any reviews would be delightful!! They don't have names in this scene, and it's on purpose. It's told from the man's point of view.

I slid down the door, waiting for her to cave. I needed her to cave. I found a napkin in my pocket and took out a pen.

Please come out. Or let me in. I'm dying here.

I slid the note under the door, knowing that she would be sitting just on the other side.

Well, you should've thought about that before you yelled at me and completely disregarded my feelings on the matter.

Yikes. This might not get very far.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way, and you know it. It just hurts to think that this could be a one way street. This is supposed to bring us together, not leave us sitting on opposite sides of the bedroom door.

Would it be completely terrifying to marry me? Was the prospect of matrimony that unappealing? I couldn't think of many things involving marriage that I would find unappealing, especially if said things included her.

I just think I'm too young. My parents would have a field day, and my friends would have reservations. I still love you—that will never change. Don't think that I don't want to reciprocate the sentiment; I would love nothing more than to marry you.

So she won't marry me because of what other people will think? Bullshit. She practically sought out ways to piss her parents off into oblivion.

Then do it.

I don't know if it's the right time. Can't we just hit the snooze button on full blown adulthood for a few more years? Pretend we're still 16 and sneaking around my bedroom window at three in the morning?

There it is. Fear. She was still afraid of this entity that had become known as "us." I don't blame her. It's completely terrifying to be so subservient to someone else so willingly; someone who isn't obligated to love you in any way. But in a way, that was my favorite part of being in love with her: the rush of the unexpected.

But that's just the thing, none of that would change. I just want to show everyone how much you mean to me. I will still regard those times some of the best of my life, and I want to make new memories. Marriage would change nothing about how we are together.

She had to know that I would always love her, whether we were married or not. This would just prove it to everyone else. Not that I needed the justification to love her, I just wanted all the glory.

What about my parents?

We had used all the space on the napkin, and I pulled out another from my pocket. I knew there was a reason I always grabbed extra napkins.

What about mine? It's not like my parents are little rays of sunshine either.


So marry me. Maybe if I ask again?

Why? Why in God's name would you want to marry me?

Where do I begin? Why would I not marry her? Not that she was flawless—far from it. But I loved her flaws just as much as her perfections. Twisted, I know.

Marry me because the first thing I do in the morning is look for your hand lying next to mine. Marry me because I know I'll only be happy if you are. Marry me because you are the first and last part of every one of my thoughts. Marry me because I'm happiest when we fight over paint swatches and where to go to dinner. Marry me because I don't think I could find another girl who talks hardcore politics at three am with a little tequila in her system. Marry me because I can't imagine anyone I'd rather have a gaggle of smart-ass kids with. But most of all, marry me because you've become so much a part of me that I can't tell where you end and I begin, and I don't think I could ever live with that void, much less fill it. Marry me because I love you.

I waited on the other side of the door, dying to see her face, read her thoughts. I wanted to marry her so badly; it was physically sickening to think that she could reject me for the second time in one night. I didn't think it was so scary taking the plunge with her. Sure, it would be difficult to convince everyone else, but who gives a fuck? We wanted to be together, and that's all that mattered to me. As long as she wants me, I want to be there. I was pulled from my reverie with the napkin being returned with new writing.

Infractions that could lead to castration and a revoke of engagement:

More than fifty people at the wedding


Breakfast including your mother

I laughed out loud now. She is ridiculously silly, and I couldn't be happier.

Does this mean we're engaged?


Can I come in?


I was still laughing and grinning like an idiot when I felt the door open behind me, causing me to fall slightly into the room as she stepped out into the hallway. She slid down the wall across from me, waiting for me to say anything. But I didn't, I just smiled. She eventually gave in like I knew she would, and smiled back at me.

"Stop grinning like an idiot at me. It makes me feel weird."

"Like good weird, or bad weird?" I asked, looking her in the eyes. I noticed it was definitely a good weird if she was feeling the same bolts of electricity I was feeling.

"Like mushy weird. I think they might call it love," she chuckled. I won. She laughed, which was a dead pan for her and forgiveness. I WON.

My mind went into overdrive as I contemplated how to give her the ring sitting in my pocket. I had searched for the perfect one for almost a year. I just couldn't find any that I thought fit her. But when I saw this one, I automatically knew she would love it. She didn't know I had a ring, as I had pretty much blurted out the impromptu proposal without heeding any tradition. Not that anything about our relationship had ever been traditional in the least.

"Don't get mad, but I sort of have a ring for you. A nice ring. A really nice ring. A ring I think you'll like a lot. But I don't want to just chuck it at you. I want it to mean something. So I can give you it now, or I can surprise you, or you can just say something to stop this tirade…." She looked at me intently. I wasn't sure if she was mad at the fact that I had the ring, or if she was considering her options.

"I would rather just have it. I've accepted and there's no need to drag this out to be some romantic comedy. Plus, if I'm going to be engaged to you, I might as well reap the benefits."

I smiled at her even more widely, because sometimes she was so utterly absurd it was hilariously frustrating. "Well don't let me twist your arm or anything…."

She laughed now. "Just hand it over, Ace."

I pulled out the ring from me pocket, completely encircling it in my hand so she wouldn't see it until I slid it on her finger. I held her hand gently, looking up to gauge her expression. She just smiled back at me. Once the hunk of metal was safely on her finger, she looked down and gaped. I smiled. I was just winning all the battles tonight.

"What do you think?"

She continued to stare at it, taking a few moments to formulate the perfect answer. She blushed and then looked up at me. "It's very pretty."

"Is that all you have to say about it?" She was holding out. She didn't want to give away how happy she was.

"Maybe," she answered coyly, lingering on the last syllable.

"Oh really, now?" I smiled. I kissed her palm, and then her ring finger. I slowly lifted my head to meet her gaze, our heads only inches apart. I couldn't wait any longer. I kissed her, and felt her smile into the kiss, allowing it to deepen. I definitely won.