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I feel the cold wet pavement beneath my bare feet, and the cold rain falling on me clouding my vision as I run. I run for my life, and my virginity. I can feel my heart drumming hard against my ears, and the tears escaping my eyes, I can hear my breath , and my whimpering as I try so hard to outrun him. I don't know where I'm going its pitch black, I'm scared.

" Stupid little girl! Get your sweet ass over here! I know you want it too stop being a little bitch! "

" Your crazy! You fucking psycho leave me alone! " I cry out in frustration, and anger. "

" Oh baby, I like them feisty. If you want to play hard to get then so be it! Lets play this little game it's just turning me on even more, but sooner or later your sweet pussy is mine! "

I feel so disgusted by the way he's talking to me…disgusted, and scared. I want to lose my virginity to someone I love not to some fucking psychopath! " I knew this would happen…I knew he would end up wanting to rape me why wouldn't my dad believe me?

I can hear his heavy breathing, his footsteps getting closer. The sides of my stomach feel like there going to burst open, my throat is so dry…I'm so tired! I push my self to run faster. I should of known keeping my balance for this long was too good to be true, I trip over my own feet, and land on my face.

" Aw, my poor baby. Let me help you up. " he laughs out sickenly. My eyes go wide at realizing he's finally caught up, and all because of my clumsy feet! I get up on my hands, and knees to try, and crawl away, I see red droplets fall into the puddles of water beneath me making it turn red I swipe my hand gently under my nose, and pull back to examine, just as I thought a bloody nose.

I start crawling rapidly wanting, so bad to get away, I crawl into an alley my heart sinks, its even darker here, and there's no way out I'm stuck I keep crawling though trying to make my way towards the end maybe I can find a dumpster to hide behind.

" Where the hell do you think your going? " he shouts out in anger. I feel a sharp pain on the back of my knee that weakens both of them, and they give out making me fall again. I feel a sharp pain burning, and tugging at my scalp I realize its him pulling me up by the hair.

" Ow! You bitch that hurts! " I manage to yell out through sobs.

" You know you like it. " he whispers out in my ear. He has me pinned up to the brick wall now my feet dangling above the cold floor.

" No, I don't know that. " I whisper back harshly. He's planting kisses on my neck now, sucking here, and there then licking his way down to my throat, it makes me shudder, and it sends unwanted hormonal pleasure throughout my body in response.

" Mmm, I want you so, so bad. " he whispers into my ear then nibbles on my earlobe. Oh god I'm so scared, I can feel him getting harder as he pushes his body up to mine.

" Get the fuck off of me! " I yell out. I try kicking, and getting away, but he is too strong I cant even budge.

" Now baby, I know you don't really want that. " he says through kisses.

" I hate you! You sick bastard! "

" Oh, shut the fuck up already! " he smashes his lips into mine kissing me roughly, and shoving his tongue down my throat causing me to feel the sensation of gagging. When I get the chance I bite down hard on his tongue causing him to pull back in pain.

" YOU FUCKING CUNT! THAT HURT! " he lets go of his hold on me so that my feet are touching the cold wet floor, and he lands a good slap on my left cheek leaving it stinging, and me in shock. More tears fall from my eyes as I glare at him, and rub my cheek.

" YOU WANT MORE?! " he screams out his face red in anger. He connects another slap on my right cheek making my head whip to the side. I'm about pissed the fuck off now I can feel the anger boiling up inside deep in my core my breath coming unsteady. I cant help my self, and I land a good hard slap on his left cheek.

He looks at me shocked, and bewildered his face reddening. Oh god what did I just do?

" You really shouldn't of done that. " he says out as calmly as he can.

" Well I did. " I snap back. He takes a good punch to my gut knocking me to the ground breathless grabbing my stomach. I feel him connect a series of kicks all over my body making the few air I'm gasping for come even less. Oh god this hurts please make it stop! If I could cry out or scream I would, but I don't have enough air, and who the hell would hear me anyway? He connects a kick to my face, and I swear I heard my nose crack the pain makes me cry out even harder begging him to stop.

" Are you ready to be a good girl now? " he says menacingly. I nod in agreement.

" Good, because if your not I swear I'll destroy that pretty face of yours even more. I'll make you feel pain like you've never imagined. We clear? " I nod again. I cant talk its to painful. He stretches out his hand gesturing me to take it, I look disgustingly at it, but take it in order to feel no more pain.

He helps me up, and pulls me closer to him wrapping his arms around my waist I stop breathing for a little it really hurts, I think he broke my ribs. He starts kissing my neck again licking his way to the hollow of my throat. He pushes me back against the brick wall, wrapping my legs around his waist, feeling up my thighs. The rain falling down harder.

" I love how you look when your wet. " he says softly brushing some hair out of my face. He goes back to kissing my lips, and shoving his tongue down my throat. I want to turn away so bad I cant breath I'm suffocating, but that will just get him mad again…

He starts shoving his hands up my tank top tracing around my belly button sending a tingling sensation all over. then they go up higher feeling my breast up. I get more scared feeling his erection on me god I hope this ends fast. His breathing is becoming more rigged…he pulls the tank top over my head, and I instantly get more goose bumps on my skin he reaches back, and unhooks my bra I can feel my breast getting hard, because of the cold and I feel my cheeks heat up as he starts playing with them.

" Mmm, don't worry baby I'll make them soft for you. " I feel so disgusted, disgusted to the pit of my stomach. I always wanted my first time to be special…guess I can forget about that now…

He grabs me in his arms, and lays me down on the freezing floor he gets on top of me. He throws his shirt off and unbuckles his belt he starts running his hands up, and down my tummy up my breast, and down again. My heart starts pounding rapidly against my chest as he unbuttons my shorts…his hands making there way into my panties.

My insides are screaming

Please someone help me!

I can feel the pain down there as he's in me, more tears falling down my cheeks. He slaps me before saying.

" Moan for me you little bitch. " I laugh inside my head. Not only is he raping me, but he wants me to moan for him!? I feel so much hatred towards him how dare he do this to me?

I start screaming out in anger and pain no longer holding anything in, praying to god that somebody will hear me. He gets pissed off again, and starts punching my face, my stomach...then he grabs a hand full of my hair raises it a good few inches from the ground, and shoves it back down hard. Sending electrifying shock, and pain throughout my skull.

Then nothing, no pain, no feeling no thoughts, all went black.

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