It's been another week.

I'm starting to lose hope that the girl will come out of her coma…I've convinced myself that what I feel for her is strictly a form of brotherly love that got confused at the beginning, simply because it's been so long since I've loved anyone except May, Megan and I guess Skyla. I have to admit I've missed Sky, even after that little episode. I can't explain it precisely, but I like her presence sometimes, even though she can be annoying and bitch at me constantly. Is it possible to still love her even after that? I don't know. Girls and love are very complex subjects. I know I used to love sky, but then with her attitude and episodes, the feeling kind began to fade. I don't know if I just got so used to the feeling it's like it's not there anymore.

Numerous news stations in the city have been reporting on this mysterious girl's accident, yet nobody has come to claim her. She was found without any form of I.D or contact information. I wonder if she has any family, or if maybe she's not from around here. We are going to try to air the news worldwide.

"Dr. Carter." A voice pulls me out of my thoughts.

"Oh, hey David, how are you?" I ask. David is the chief from the police department who is investigating the case of the girl. He's also like me.

"What can I say? I'm a little upset that we've come up with absolutely no evidence whatsoever. Whoever committed the crime made sure to be very careful," His tone suggests that he knows more than he's saying.

"Anything else?" I ask, trying to read his facial expression.

"I do have somewhat of a theory, though you're not going to like it."

"Oh, really. Care to elaborate on that?" I say raising my eyebrows.

"Well...What if it wasn't a human that attacked her?" He states, rather than asks. "What if it was one of our kind?" He whispers out.

I feel the blood drain from my face. I've never considered that idea until now. It suddenly falls into place perfectly.

Could a normal man really have broken 2 of her ribs so terribly that they were nearly crushed, cracked her spinal cord to the near point of paralyzation?

A realization hits me hard. There were deep gashes on her face and head.

Pictures flash through my mind of the day that I found her.

I remember the extent of the gashes, and feel like punching myself for being so completely oblivious. If I would have paid close attention to her wounds, I would have realized that gashes like this could not have been made by a human so easily. A human would have been messy and would have lacked the control and knowledge of vital organs. Somehow, the culprit managed to severely injure the girl, yet leave her vital organs unharmed. I should have analyzed the wounds for a trace of the substance that can only come from vampire fingernails. Blood starts to boil beneath my skin.

"Landon, what is it?" he asks worriedly.

"I think that your theory is correct. Had I not been so incredibly vapid, I should have noticed that the extent of her injuries simply cannot be made by a human, because she's still alive. A human would have killed her," I say through clenched teeth. His expression turns hard and he shakes his head.

"Somebody always has to ruin our reputation. Do you know if he drank from her? Because if he did…"

"I don't know, I didn't examine her. A human did, and surely they wouldn't have noticed any evidence of vampire activity; they wouldn't even know what to look for. How could I have been so stupid?! I'm the one who found her! I should have seen clues, and I should have paid close attention to her wounds!" I clench my fists to refrain from punching something.

"Calm down, Landon! Don't blame yourself for anything! You found her and that's what matters. She would be dead if you wouldn't have."

"Yes, I found her. But she's practically dead; she's in a catatonic state for God's sake!" When I was operating on her, I lost her for a moment. Me, the highest ranked surgeon in the southern hemisphere! You have no idea how I felt at that very moment. She was the first patient I have ever lost" The anger seems to explode through my voice.

"I have had extensive training; I'm quick, I'm an expert. I've never lost a patient; things just always seem to work out. But this girl...with this girl I had to try so hard and I couldn't concentrate, all I could think about was 'I have to save her'. I have never experienced anything like this with a patient before. To be honest it scares me. I have no idea how she came back to life, but she did. No thanks to me…" My voice saddens.

"You sound like you really care about this girl, which is weird because you know nothing about her. Landon, you cannot beat yourself up over something that is already done. Things happen for a reason, and death can be something unexplainable. You can't just go around blaming things on yourself when in reality; it was beyond your control."

His words sink in. I take a few deep breaths in a feeble attempt to calm my raging temperature.

"What would happen if she does wake up?" I ask, desperately trying to change the subject.

"Well, I haven't really put much thought into that. It's not a question of 'when' she will wake up, but rather a case of 'if' she wakes up. We will keep investigating, and I hope I can get something soon," He straightens the collar of his uniform. "I've got to run, Landon, I have two new investigation reports to file to headquarters. Take care."

"Alright, David I'll see you around. You take care also." With that done, I go to check on my other patients.

I probably didn't mention that since the day that I broke up with Skyla, I've been coming to visit the girl. It has often been said that even patients in the deepest of coma's can subconsciously hear. I don't know for sure if it's true, but for some reason I am drawn to this girl. Perhaps she can't even hear me, but at this present moment she is the only one that I can speak to. Also, I want to let the girl know there's somebody that is worried about her, and wants her to wake up. I started off by telling her my name, and small insignificant details such as my favorite color, food, things to do, and so on. I apologized for her having to sit through my incessant babbling if she really could hear me. I imagined the corners of her lips pulling into a slight smile as she laughed, but of course her face remained serenely still. For a few silent seconds, I considered what to say. Would telling all of my problems to a girl in a coma really solve anything? Would it make me feel any better? Thoughts of doubt started to fly through my mind, but then I looked at her calm face, and it was as if a sudden flood gate had been opened inside of me. I told her about Skyla, and my family, and the problems with my parents and my little sister, Megan. I told her about the life I have lived and the patients I have saved, and how she is the first one I actually tried to keep alive. I told her how I felt when I thought that I had lost her. You might think that I'm crazy to be talking to a person in a coma, especially a complete stranger, but there is just something about this girl. Somehow, talking to her makes me feel so good. I feel that she can actually hear me and understand me, and it doesn't matter that she can't respond back, it's just that being able to talk to her and be in her company calms me down so much. It's strange, because I don't think that I have ever talked to Skyla the way that I have talked to this girl. Maybe that's what I like about her; the feeling that I can just be myself around her because she can't tell me how screwed up I am. I wonder if I'll be able to feel the same way if she wakes up. I hope she won't be traumatized, and most of all I hope that by some miracle she'll remember who she is, though judging by the trauma her brain suffered from her multiple head injuries, that's doubtful. It breaks my heart to see patients so young, especially those in a coma. This girl is so young, and could have had so much life to look forward to. And has so much to live and look forward to. I find myself mesmerized by her beauty. Most of the bruises that covered her face are now nearly healed, and her skin seems to shine with a new luster.

I plan on making my way back to her hospital room to tell her about this. After all, the chances

"Dr. Carter! Dr. Carter!" the voice of frantic nurse snaps me back into reality.

"Yes, nurse? What is it?"

She's out of breath "Your patient! The mystery girl! Her heart rate plunged, she has a terrible fever, and she's experiencing serious muscle spasms! She's stopped responding to the respiratory machine, and I think one of her wounds might be infected!"My heart sinks.

I will not lose her again! I pinch the bridge of my nose and run towards her room. Sure enough, there she is. Her arms and legs twitch in unnatural ways. Body convulsions can be extremely disturbing to witness. The heart rate monitor's warning beeps out of control, and other doctors and nurses run around frantically trying to figure out a way to stop it. One of the doctors glances my way.

"She needs to go into surgery again." He says with concern. "One of the wounds along her abdomen has somehow gotten infected,"

I nod.

"Get the emergency room prepared! Get a stretcher in here now!" I demand. We carefully lay the girl on the other stretcher, trying to be careful with the many needles stuck in her arms. I push the stretcher into the elevator and go to the 1st floor.

I push the stretcher towards the emergency room as fast as I can while still keeping up my human facade. I stop outside the big wooden double doors; I take in a deep breath and push the stretcher through the double doors.

Here we go again.

We run several tests and figure out that the girl has Septicemia, a disease-causing bacteria in the blood stream. It's spreading rapidly through her blood stream, and if we don't catch it now, it could spread to her heart, and then...

No, I won't let that happen.

I can feel beads of sweat starting to form on my forehead.

"Scalpel," I say to the assistant, and he quickly passes me the tool. I need to make an incision near her lower abdomen, and then use the retractor to separate the incision and get clear access to the wound. I'm going to have to use suction to get this infection out, and it's not going to be pleasant. The poor girl will need multiple blood transfusions after the surgery, and will be on a variety of antibiotics to keep the infection down.

"Were going to need more blood." I shout out so one of the nurses can go to the blood bank.

"Yes Dr." A pretty nurse in her twenties says as she scurries off. The scalpel lightly grazed against her smooth skin as I was about to make the incision, when suddenly the heart rate starts beeping wildly again. Every head in the room simultaneously turned to look at the screen.

A loud gasp escapes the nurse that returned with the blood.

The girl's eyes lids are fluttering, as if she's trying to open her eyes but can't seem to remember how. Her head thrashes wildly from side to side.

The room is dead silent as everyone stares, in shock. This isn't supposed to happen.

The girls legs start flailing on the bed, tangling in the sheets, as if her legs are trying to escape. Two doctors feebly attempt to hold her feet down, but they seem to have a mind of their own. A nurse quickly grabs a neck brace in hopes of controlling the girl's neck, for its thrashing so hard it looks as though it might break.

And then, silence. The heart rate flattens, and my heart sinks once again.

A feeling of sorrow passes over the room. Again. No, No! Anger and sadness boils through me.

Beep......Beeep. I glance at the heart monitor. A heartbeat!

Before I even have the time to ask for the defibrillator, the monitor starts beeping wildly again.

Suddenly, a large gasp escapes the girl, and snaps up right up into a sitting position. She takes in greedy gulps of air, as if she hasn't been able to breathe in years.

Everyone takes a step back in surprise as her eyes snap wide open.

Her eyes dart around frantically in pure confusion and fear. She looks down at herself, and starts yanking cords and tubes from arms and chest. Her wild hair is damp and plastered to her forehead from her fever, and her left eye is slightly swollen from the bruise.

"Where am I?!" Her shrill voice breaks the silence and seams to ring in my ears.

I try to speak, but can't seem to get any words to come out.

"Who are all you people?!" Her wide eyes display feelings of pure fear, and tears stream down her cheeks. I step forward at the same time she goes into frenzy. She screams and cries, and is nearly incomprehensible. She tries to back away into the corner, but her legs are weak from not being used for a few weeks. She grabs hold of the scalpel and holds it up to us, trying to defend herself. I run to her, and take the tool from her hand. She thrashes against me, kicking and flailing and screaming.

I yell for the nurse to induce her with Propofol or some other sedative.

It takes three other doctors to hold her down.

"Why are you doing this to me? Who are you?!" she cries out.

The nurse stabs the sedative into her vein. She screams even louder at first, and then within a few seconds her eyes begin to flutter, and the flailing stops.

I brush her damp hair away from her face, and suddenly getting the urge to cry.

I can practically feel the girl's complete fear and confusion.

Everyone else seems mixed with emotions of fear and confusion as well.

We've never had a patient quite like this.

I take a few deep breaths and try to compose myself. I order the other doctors and nurses back to work.

With the girl sedated, we complete the surgery and blood transfusions.

Only one question hangs thick in the air:

Will the girl wake up again?

I hope so with all my heart.

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