I never saw it coming

This tragic love story

Romeo and Juliet

Our death and our glory


You were just a boy

And I was just a girl

Our destinies entwined

As is the will of this world


I remember your hair

Silken ebony

As it mixed with mine

Golden filigree


I know your scent

Of spice and summer breeze

It clung to the pillows

When you took your leave


Your smile was sunshine

Your touch was rain

Your love was eternal

A passionate flame


A Life has been been sundered

The fire smothered dry

Yet unbeknowest to them

The embers still lie


Our lives weren't forfieted

For a hopeless dream

Our love lives still

Open and serene


My beloved Romeo

We've fought our war

When you were mine

And I was yours


By Siobhan

4th of April 2009