I didn't think...

You were there?

I just burts into tears,
a silent crying,
nobody heard...

Or maybe who cares?
That's the way things are...

You're a rose in the hole of my heart,
why a beautiful thing hurts me?

Leave me alone in this tale without prince,
I'm alone in this piece of cristal I call world.

Hey, who's praying for me?
Shut up, please.

Who's looking for me?
Stop it, please.

Who's waiting for me?
Go away, please.

It's ok if everyone feels sad and let hate
touchs their body and steals their soul...

After all, who doesn't want an ending?

Though it doesn't make sense, right?
Everyone means to have a part
to be completed and perfect.

Who? Who? Who? Who?

Someday, you'll ask the same questions:

"Who are you?"

A stranger from your forgotten dreams
... It'll be the answer.