Perched upon a cold, hard chair

Paper and pen on the desk right there

Pick up the pen and you prepare

but the teacher up front gives you a scare

"You have half an hour!" she yells out

Panic takes hold and you start to doubt

Your ability to form answers with pen

so you frantically go through them again.

But before your thoughts get halfway in

the timer rings for you to begin

The pen's on the paper but it's frozen in place

your brain stays still, your heart starts to race

You read the questions again once more

then you smile and say "what was I anxious for?"

You write fast and with confidence

because now all the problems make perfect sense

With one last mark you throw the pen down

only to be scolded with the teacher's frown

but you smile and grin and mock and make fun

for the teacher has lost and you have won

The very next day you plop down at your seat

and with a merry laugh the teacher you greet

but she stalks right up, your paper in her grasp

and she too laughs out loud, a throaty rasp

Your grin and chuckle fade quickly away

as your teacher opens her mouth and begins to say

"You did quite well on yesterday's test,

although I'm not sure it was your very best."

You plaster a smile on but she's smiling too

and instead of words she decides showing you will do

You take a look at the test and your smile begins to taper

for there is a big red F right there on your paper.