The dark sun dawns over her grave

Concealing the essence of a spirit brave

Her blood has evaporated but not the thirst

For death of the ones long ago cursed

Bring me sweetheart, some roses for my dead

Scarlet in remembrance of how she bled

So she wont awaken with moon and sleep by day

Like the ones forever fated to stay

She was the angel of sin- but not desire

Power her passion- all to acquire

heart worthy of heaven but soul in hell

Battle cries announcing her final farewell

My long lost love, bring me a rose

Whose petals will fly as the wind blows

So scatter her presence far and wide

Hopefully diminish the strength of her pride

A silver moon rises towards the west

I carry her name as I do with her quest

For if I refuse I will burn in hatred

Typical of purgatory but yet so sacred

Darling I beg for one thing- one!!

A bouquet of roses to do what's undone

To place on cold tomb where for eternity she's lain

Now the petals shall ease the sharp thorns pain