Beginning notes: I imagine something like a person with violet eyes going into another world. But make it whatever you want it to be. Reviews are helpful.


Violet eyes,
burning through.
Escape my lies,
and make a world
of your own.

(So you can escape,
from all your doubts.)

Violet eyes,
dancing across.
Say your goodbyes,
to this world,
enter in your own.

(So you can escape
from all your doubt.)

Fly, fly, violet eyes!
Don't die, violet eyes.
Keep the hope real,
tell me what you feel.

Violet roses lie,
at the garden path.
See you're eyes.
Full of raging wrath.

I am regretful for all I did.

I am sorry, for what I said.

So violet eyes,
will you come back?
Return to reality?

Return to…