I know you're watching me,

From up there in heaven,

I know you love me,

As much as I love you,

I know you wish you could come down here,

And tell me everything will be okay,

I know I will always miss you,

Even though some of you I never got to know,

My older brother or sister,

Who never got to see a day on this Earth,

My Grandpa John,

Who died before he knew of his granddaughter,

My Grandma Celia,

Who passed away after struggling from a stroke for 4 years,

To my 11 great Aunts and Uncles,

Who lived long, full lives,

You will always be missed,

May you all Rest In Peace in heaven,

And know we all love you.

A/N: Just about some of the people I knew/ never got to know who have passed away that I've been missing lately, because I feel if they were here, then I would have someone who I could look up to and be able to talk to about anything and that they'd be there for me; like my older sibling who died before they were born, I feel like that if they were here right now, they'd be able to help me so much, and even though I never got to meet them I miss them the most out of anyone if that makes any sense.