Piece One: Never-Ending Nuisances

They paraded around the house, singing off-key and dramatically. "This is the song that never ends! Yes, it goes on and on, my friends! Some people~ started singin' it not knowin' what it was! And they just kept on singin' it forever just because this is the song that never ends! Yes, it goes on, and on, my friends...."

One of the singers paused and glanced at her friend. "What was the other one?"

The boy shrugged and kept singing, ignoring the shouts of his irritated brother. The girl frowned for a moment, thinking, and then kept singing the Song That Never Ends.

I giggle inwardly and gaze reminiscently out of the car window at the surrounding forest, half-wishing to stay another night in that fellow mischief-maker's home.

Ah, for the days of those seven-plus years past.