When I fly away into my own sweet world

You try so hard but you cannot retrieve

Try to pull me back…the only one who cares

Who will not abandon, who will not leave

You didn't realize who I am

Because I am a sinner, ungrateful

My heart hardened, my soul frozen

My lies, at their best, ungraceful

I try to forget and to escape

Somewhere where I can't feel pain

You, so kind, try to save me

Erase, or darken, remorse's stain.

I'll have to admit, my heart sometimes breaks

Because my tears mean so much to you.

It's so difficult, so trying for me to prohibit

You from saying "I love you"

Onerous to live with the fact

That after all, its not some thing I deserve

I should not be the rose, but instead the thorn

And be thrown away, not be preserved.

But all the same you're here to stay

You won't hear a syllable of my words

You strive and toil to find my spirit…

Sorry to say, sweetheart, it has flown like a bird….