A couple of months passed, and it was December to be exact. Every school in the nation had just dismissed their students for the Winter Break, and Praia Vista High School was no exception. Hugh and Daphne Farris had made plans to spend Winter in France with Logan and Elle, but that was to be spent during the second week because Elle promised her mom she'd be back home for the Holidays. In reality, it was only supposed to be her who was heading down south, but due to their forcing powers, Logan and Jake had managed to persuade her to let them tag along while Cassie was to take an Alaskan cruise with her family, Marcel a tour of the whole Europe and Chanel a flight to New York City to shop until she dropped.

"You guys really should've just booked a room in a five–star hotel," Elle muttered as she sat between the two guys during the plane ride to Mexico.

Elle had wanted to just drive down since the whole trip was just going to take a day and a half, but as an early Christmas present, Logan had given her a first–class plane ticket, and he said that was just one of his two presents. She told him to just get a refund, but Logan, adamant that she take the gift had told her, "Just take it and say thanks," so that was how she ended seated beside her stepbrother and her boyfriend.

"Don't tell me you're ashamed of your house?" Jake said to her, smirking proudly. "Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. What a shame that your mother got you as a daughter."

"You'll understand when we get there." She looked at him, and slowly, his arrogant smirk faltered to a grin. "And I'm not ashamed. You should even be thankful I'm giving you a warning."

Suddenly, the pilot's voice echoed throughout the whole plane, and he announced that they were slowly descending and that they were going to reach the gate in just a few more minutes. After that was done, it was the stewardess that was speaking now and she stated the baggage carousel number where the passengers could retrieve their luggage.

"Seriously Elle, stop worrying." That was Logan, supportive as always. "We didn't come here because we just wanted to taste the party scene of Mexico. We came here because of you, and aren't you excited? We're all sleeping in the same room."

Jake, always a tease, raised his eyebrows up suggestively as he licked his lips.

"Wow," Elle said, rolling her eyes before she stuck her tongue out at Logan. "Can't wait for that threesome."

"I bet," Jake said, immediately unbuckling his seatbelt and walking over to her since the whole ride deprived them of being close together.

Even if they were, technically, beside each other, the seats in first class were just spaced so far away from one another. It was almost like they were given total privacy, so the whole ride, they settled with just eyeing each other. The three of them couldn't even talk that much because silence was very important, and the cabin crews would immediately walk over to them and warn them if they got too noisy, so it was refreshing when the plane came to a full stop.

"Finally," Jake said excitedly, wrapping an arm around Elle's waist. "I can finally do this."

Then, he planted one on her, and she eagerly responded before she pulled away. A few of the businessmen around them started to eye them quite disapprovingly. For a moment there, Elle looked ashamed while Jake plastered a full–on smirk on his face.

"They're just jealous," he whispered hotly against her ear. "All they can get are women with sagging breasts and cellulite. Not to mention, it's hard to have sex with kids around."

Elle slapped him on the chest before nodding her head in affirmation. Jake Theodore Yale was still an ass, but thankfully, he had lessened the quips he fired at his girlfriend. Arguing was a common thing in their relationship, and it made what they had interesting.

"I have cellulite, you ass!" she said, chuckling. "And get a move on already. I want to get off the plane!"

"Me too, man," Logan said, walking behind them. "There's time to sexually harass your girlfriend later."

At this, he smirked while his stepsister widened her eyes.

"You're giving him permission brother dear?" Elle feigned a look of worry and fear. "What has the world come to?"

Laughing and walking at the same time, Logan answered, "Of course he's got to pass through me first," and to get his point across, he cracked his knuckles which made both Jake and Elle chuckle.

Fortunately, everything went by briskly. They had gotten past immigration without too many questions from the officers. They had managed to get their luggage before a crowd formed around the carousel, and they had immediately found a taxi to take them to Elle's house. It was inside the cab that Jake got his first taste of the good life – without the need to have money. There was no air–condition in the taxi, so the windows were rolled down to provide fresh air. All around him, Jake was starting to realize what Elle meant a while ago. There were no luxury cars lined up beside sidewalks. He barely saw any designer stores. The women looked like they didn't care in the slightest whether or not they were wearing the latest trend. What he saw instead were families and friends alike enjoying what nature had to offer, playing beach soccer and volleyball, basking in the sun, enjoying the cool waters, and simply hanging out. Jake didn't want to admit to Elle and his ego that the sight before him was beautiful. If only his family could see this. He shook his head. What family? He asked himself.

"Hey, are you okay?" Elle asked, noticing his silence. "It's not too late to go to the hotels in the city, you know."

Grinning at her, he took her hand, and replied, "There wouldn't be a threesome anymore if that happened..."

Knowing that Jake was just joking, Elle just laughed off what he said and leaned deeper into him as he played with her hair. The whole trip to Elle's house was quite silent with only Logan and the taxi driver talking. Logan seemed like he was actually curious about the sights and scenery Mexico had to offer, and Elle couldn't help but smile. Logan was just really unbelievably nice, supportive, and caring, even with her relationship with Jake. Logan wasn't overprotective, but she just knew that if Jake ever did get out of hand, Logan would quickly put a foot down and stop him.

"This is us," Elle said when the taxi came to a stop. "Gracias."

She handed the cab driver payment for his duties, with an added tip, before Logan and Jake got out all their luggage. Who knew they could be such gentlemen? When that was done, they rang the doorbell, and immediately, a group of kids opened their door and beamed up at the three of them.

"Emmanuelle! You're home!" Their accents were extremely thick. "We missed you!"

"I missed you too, guys!" she said in all honestly as she walked to each of her step-brothers and step-sisters and gave them hugs. "These are Jake and Logan!"

The two men happily greeted the kids before all of them went inside and settled at the living room which wasn't very far away from the kitchen where Maria Santoro was. When she saw Elle, she immediately rushed to her, and the both of them embraced each other tightly, and in that hug, they released all of what they felt after four months of not seeing each other.

"And who are these lovely men?" she asked, sauntering over to Logan and Jake, who both towered over her. "Which one's the boyfriend?"

"That's me," Jake replied, grinning at Elle and winking at her. "It's nice to meet you," he then said, giving his girlfriend's mother a kiss on the cheek.

The little kids, obviously not oblivious to the meaning of the word 'girlfriend' started whispering and chuckling while they eyed both Elle and Jake. Logan, after having introduced himself to Elle's mom, rushed to the kids and started teasing his two friends.

"I can't believe they're enjoying poking fun at us," Jake said, trying his best to resist touching Elle.

Even if he was probably the paradigm of 'bad influence', he didn't want to set a bad example by engaging in a make–out session right in front of them. He could do that to a bunch of older children like those in junior high, but not to those little kids.

"You enjoy insulting me," she said, smirking. "How's that any better?"

"It's not like you hate me anyway," was his teasing response.

"And you want to go back to the old days?" she asked with a raised eyebrow before she walked over to him and slapped him on the shoulder. "How about we get our bags and I'll show you our room."

Here, Maria Santoro added, "I'm really sorry, boys, but we don't have much room around here."

And quickly, Logan interjected, "Oh no, really! It's okay! We're so grateful you allowed us to stay here."

And Jake, "Not only is it a hassle, but it would've been costly if we stayed in a hotel, so thank you, really."

Elle chuckled silently to herself before she tugged each of the guys' shirt sleeves and pulled them in the direction her bedroom.

"Are you guys running for sainthood or something?" She couldn't stop laughing. "Seriously, that wasn't really necessary, but thank you. My mom was so worried you guys would balk at the fact that we don't live in a mansion."

"We're not that materialistic," Logan quipped. "Well, I don't know about a Jake."

"Uh–huh, right. Who was the one who didn't want to get a job the night I talked about getting one?" Logan smiled bashfully at this. "And don't try to defend yourself to Logan, babe. You car's answer enough."

"But I let you drive it," Jake said, attempting to redeem himself.

For probably the millionth time, she lightly punched him again before unlocking her door and showing the guys where the three of them were going to stay for one whole week. Elle's room was just right for one person, and three people sleeping there was definitely too crowded, but there was no room or no use for complaining.

"I love you, guys, and I know you aren't used to sleeping on the floor, so I'll sacrifice," she said, seeing that her mom had already put the extra mattress in her room. "You, homos, share the bed."

"Are you kidding??" Jake asked, in utter disbelief.

"About what? Calling you homos?" Here, Elle rolled her eyes. "Duh."

"Babe! I'm not letting you sleep on the floor," he said, slumping down beside her on the mattress. "You're wack, you know that?"

"Seriously, Jake. I'm used to this, unlike you," was her reply. "And besides, the bed's more comfortable."

Then, Jake turned to face Logan, who was lying down contentedly with the bed all to himself.

"Dude, you don't mind if I share a bed with Ellie, right?" he asked, snaking an arm around his girlfriend's waist.

"As long as there's no hanky–panky involved," Logan replied as he smirked at the two of them and sent them suspicious glances. "I'm serious about that, man. She's still my sister."

"I thought we were a threesome?" Elle asked, attempting to push a few of her stepbrother's buttons.

"It'd be a shame if you died due to being crushed by two burly men," came his mischievous reply which got the point across, so all of a sudden, the idea of having a threesome didn't sound so appealing anymore.

"I can't believe you just ruined my fantasy," Elle continued to joke, even feigning a frown on her face. "You suck."

"Suck what part?" Jake replied instead, and quickly, Logan and Elle eyed him.

His good and successful attempt at a green joke sent the three of them laughing like there was no tomorrow, and when they all sobered up, they looked at each other and smiled satisfying grins.

"You guys are the best, no joke," Elle said in all seriousness, the smile never leaving her face. "I'm so glad you two came. I can't wait to introduce you to Pilar and the others."

"You guys are dancing in Mauricio's tonight, right?"

Elle nodded at Logan's question.

"I'm just happy where I am right now." That was Jake, and the moment he said that, he stared right into Elle's clear grey eyes before he brought his head down to give her a brief yet passionate kiss. She immediately knew what he meant by that, and she couldn't help but nod in agreement as he let him continue. "A great best friend and an awesome girlfriend…what more can I ask for?"

"You can't ask for anything more," Logan and Elle replied in unison, sending Jake a teasing yet appreciative glance.

Life is full of people. There are those whom you instantly love, and there are quite a number whom you, right away, loathe.

Life is full of surprises. There are things which you never thought you'd end up doing, and when you do, you're utterly surprised at how much you like it.

Life is full of changes. There are feelings which you thought would never go away, and there are people whom you thought would never see the light of day.

Life is full of happiness. There are instances where things come easy – short–lived bliss. The ones that are worth mentioning are the ones experienced after shedding blood, and sweat – hard work.

Life is a mystery. What can be said about the unknown if it is unknown?

Life is full of people. There were Logan, Chanel, Cassie, and Marcel, and then there were people like Georgiana and Jake.

Life is full of surprises. There was that fake relationship which ended up becoming real, and that Outbreak competition that just seemed surreal.

Life is full of changes. There was a point in my life when I came to love Beverly Hills, and then my feelings for certain people started to change.

Life is full of happiness…like that Christmas trip to Mexico.

Life is a mystery. Where will my choices take me?

Author's Note:

Hey! Here's the epilogue which I failed to post the day right after my Finale update. It's short, and honestly, I don't like it too much, but I hope you guys appreciate it! I really wanted this story to be my longest ever, but I realized I'd be starting college soon, and I want to prioritize that, so, I'm really bummed to say this but I won't be writing a multi-chaptered story anytime soon. Maybe...i'll be writing one-shots but definitely not long ones...for now. I already have a plot for my next one-shot and its going to feature the characters from this story ;p lol so that should be interesting. Like I said in my last Author's Note, I had a number of ideas planned but have failed to write them since I shortened this story, so here are some of them...

I mentioned Jake had an older sister...she was supposed to make an appearance during Winter Break

I had two parties planned...No Food, Just Booze and CAGED...

The AP Literature Canto Project wherein Jake and Elle were groupmates...it was a real project during my last year so I had four poems ready...I even asked my friends if I could use theirs...

The Mexico trip...that should've never been the epilogue and should've been much longer :)...and Elle and Jake weren't supposed to be a couple yet

I also wanted Jake and Logan to fight, and that should've happened when Elle and Jake were starting to get closer.

So there you go...:D

And THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH TO EVERYONE! I love you, people!:D

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