Everyone thinks

Young love is so perfect.

They think nothing will go wrong

So long as you have the other.

No one could ruin anything,

Nothing could tear you apart.

Your heart would stay intact,

Because it is him who has it.


I don't believe that.

Don't believe in the feeling of

Absolute rightness

Or an eternity of comfort.

Because what if one day, he changes his mind?

Or, someone steals his heart from you?

Wouldn't you be scared every second that what you have

Could disappear forever?

Didn't you think of that?

I hadn't.

Now, I know better.

Keep your heart,

(Or what's left of it)

Locked away,


Only seen by you,

To make sure it's still there.

Because if it isn't,

You'll have to go through that pain again.

That pain,

Of losing the heart and soul

You thought was forever yours.

Stupid young love.