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He loved her.

He wanted her.

To own her, love her, to control her.

Sitting in his car, windows tinted, allowing no one to see through the thin layer of glass, he gazes out over the ground to the side of his car. Over the tarmac width of space, over to the brown towering doors of the Evermore High School. The building itself was old Victorian, probably a manor house in its time, but now it stood as an intensive school. The windows themselves looked as if they were melting, made from the old glass, the windows having not been replaced for a time making them look as if they were originals.

Behind and in front of his dark car, were many other cars, parents standing to the side. They were here for their children, he knew. He wasn't. No, he was waiting for the little angel that would come through that door soon enough, it was inevitable he had seen her enter through the doors only a few hours ago, so it was only a matter of time before she exited them.

He had been waiting for this day, had it circled in his diary, on his computer, on his calendar that hung in his office at work. He had been excited for this day for two years, two long years he had set the date. For he knew he could not win her any other way.

In today's society they wouldn't accept a May/September love and he was not so delusional to think she would accept it straight away either. She would in time though, he kept telling himself. She would have to. She belonged by his side, it was fate. It was fate that had brought her to him and him to her.

The object of his desires was far younger than what he would typically go for, but isn't peoples mates the person they least expect? He believed it, he believed it with a dangerous desire. A desire that had, over the two years, consumed him.

Clenching his steering wheel with his leather gloved hands, he thought back to that first meeting with his, what he had come to call, little girlfriend.

He had been strolling down a darkened street in a small village just outside Norwich, where his apartment was, but he had come to this small little town for a works due. His employees needed a time out, but he hated socialising with the little rats, they always seemed to crawl around him. He was single to be sure, but he didn't want these women when he went out socialising, their eyes flashed whenever he mentioned his business, whenever they saw the Boss suit jackets and questioned whether his whole suit was of the same brand.

They were like leaches.

He continued down the street, away from the hustle and bustle of the rowdy bunch. He needed peace and quiet, the way he liked it. He admitted to himself he was antisocial, he had no family in this part of the country, so what was the point in talking to useless people. He only spoke to people who could do things for him, the way he liked it.

He supposed at the age of 30 he should have a girlfriend, maybe even a family. In all honesty though, he could not find a decent woman. A woman who could satisfy his desires, a woman who knew when to be quiet around him and most importantly one who didn't want him because he was financially safe. He wanted to be loved.

Rubbing his chin he turns a corner into an opening, a small park of sorts. The area containing a slide, climbing frame and a few swings. Making his way to the swings his ears pricked at the sound of light crying. How annoying, his peaceful silence was shattered by an errant child crying.

Scowling up at the sky, before looking round at the clearing with his icy blue eyes, he walks over to the sound. In the near distance, beside a bin, he could see a small figure huddled and see the shoulders shake with each sob that left it.

Upon reaching the small child, he raised a brow, noticing a small girl with wavy brown hair. Sighing again, he kneels beside her, reaching out a hand patting the girl uncomfortable on the head.

"What's wrong hunny, you lost?" He asks in his strong brogue accent, deep and commanding.

The small girl jumps and lifts her head up to look at him. His eyes widen at the sight of her, his heart skips a beat before he feels it thud harshly against his chest. It almost knocked him back from the impact. The little slip of the girl had him staring and wanting to hold her, consol her, take away her misery.

She was small, no doubt around eleven or twelve years old, her hair was fairly long and flowing with slight natural curls. Her eyes were what had him most interested, they were a sharp green, the black of her pupil stood out in the colour, making him inch closer to her. Her skin was a milky white, it must feel so soft and young, she was fitted in a cute little flowery dress.

How could he look at this young kid so vulgarly, she was innocent and she wasn't his type. So young, so pure, so pretty.

Unable to stop himself he touches her cheek and smiles at her, once again his heart skips a beat from the small soft smile she gives him. It sets his whole body alight, she was giving him emotions he had never felt before, emotions he liked and wanted to keep. Looking at her, he was slowly recognizing them, happiness, contented, lust and most prominent was love.

How could he love someone so quickly? It was obvious he could, he didn't want to separate from her. How idiotic, he couldn't keep her. Or maybe he could, no one was here. He gives a swift look about the place.

"N-No. My boyfriend broke up with me." The small girl suddenly sobs out.

He frowns at her and before he can stop himself he asks.

"How old are you, aren't you a bit young to have a boyfriend?"

He asks in a bit of an authority voice, making the girl widen her eyes in shock.

"N-No S-Sir. I-I'm fifth teen."

He rubs her head again. Fifth teen, was it? She wasn't that young, she was turning into a woman, in a few years she would blossom into a beautiful woman. She wouldn't be too old as not to be able to tame, he could easily tap out the errant bits of the girl.

Why would he do that though, when the girl before him was so endearing, so utterly eye catching?

Looking round once more, he looks back at the girl and smiles again, standing up and taking her hand. He would wait, wait until it was the perfect time, the perfect time to have his little girl.

Together they walked into the distance, talking about her, he never gave any information about himself, wanting to keep it a secret, his name was quite big in the industry, maybe her father knew him. He couldn't have anyone knowing. He didn't know why, but he wanted to keep as many people out of the know as possible. It might come in use later.

It seemed something so small to him now, the reason he feel in love with her, but it was one of thoughs times where it would be so wrong to turn his back on. Since that night he had been following her, finding out everything about her, what she liked to wear, what her favourite food was, where she went to school, her name.

Emily Briny Tainer.

He tried it out on his tongue so many times and it felt so right, apart from her maiden name. It always made him a bit frustrated, as sad as it sounded he liked his name there, it fitted far better and made him hopeful. Emily Briny MacHein. Perfection.

Hearing a sudden ringing sound, he whips his head to the school. Watching as the quietness is shattered as hundreds of students exit the towering oak doors, running across the tarmac to their parents, screaming and punching one another.

Soon he became impatient. Where was she, why wasn't she out yet? Sitting higher up in his seat, making the leather squeak, he tries to get a better view. Suddenly a laughter fills his ears, the sweet sound of 'his little girlfriend'. He could pick her out straight away with the sound of that voice.

Sighing softly, he leans back in his seat and watches her walk down the path towards his car, talking animatedly with one of her female friends. At the tender age of seventeen she was gorgeous, her breasts were forming nicely, just pressing against the white shirt of her uniform. Her legs were no longer podgy, they were long and slender, shaped perfectly. He loved to watch how her school tartan skirt bounced against her thighs, tempting him. He didn't like how she unbuttoned a few buttons on her shirt, temptingly, and that she was wearing heels to school. Her hair was much longer now, straightened, which he also didn't like. He preferred her with her curls, she looked much older. Maybe it was the Scot in him who preferred the natural points of a girl, like the raging seas by his home in Scotland, so fresh and clean.

Scowling to himself, he continues to watch her, feeling a bit angry. She shouldn't show herself so freely like that. He should be the only one to see that precious body, he should be the only one to love it. Taking a deep breath he has to remind himself that he shouldn't get ahead of himself, this day was important, he couldn't ruin it because he got angry with her.

He watches as the two girls split from one another, Emily moving to walk further down the road. He knew she would be on her own shortly, no one picked her up. The little chit had demanded that she walk alone to and from school when she reached 16, saying she was older enough to do so. He wouldn't of allowed her.

Starting the engine, he pulls slowly out of his parking space, only to be stopped by a little brat running in front of his car towards his parents. How he hated people and their little disgusting children. He hated it when his employees would show him pictures of their babies, every single baby to him looked the same, so why should he care about them.

He would bet his own children, though, would be precious to him. Maybe that is how these parents looked at their own. Scowling though, he growls under his breath. They were still disgusting.

Moving on, he begins following, it was lucky the traffic was so heavy. She was a way head of him, so he could move at a steady space without passing her. Every moment was important, every move he made had to be timed and used to its most.

Patience was a virtue. No one said it was enjoyable.

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