Broken heart,
Broken soul,
Broken within-never to be whole.
Broken spirit,
Broken mind,
Broken into pieces-cannot find.
Crying love,
Crying tears,
Crying behind eyes-constant fear.
Crying day,
Crying night,
Crying always-out of sight.
Hurting now,
Hurting then,
Hurting bitterly-because of men.
Hurting life,
Hurting limb,
Hurting always-because of HIM.
Closed to feelings,
Closed to self,
Closed to everything-dying health.
Death tonight,
Death for me,
Death-but who will care or see?
Broken heart,
Broken soul,
Broken forever-stone cold.

Just something obscure and twisted I did one night!
Copyright 31.3.2009