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I should have been outside right now, probably sitting on a wooden swing near a small creek and reading an adventurous book. I should have been safe in my little yard, until my father would call me in for dinner. I should have gone inside the house into the living room, thinking about the college that I wanted to go to. I was sixteen, seventeen in a month's time.

I should have kissed my mother on the cheek as I should have sat down at the table, watching her set the mashed potatoes and the peas down. I should have heard my younger brother come down the stairs in a rush, knowing that tonight was chicken night. I should have been loved dearly by all three of them.

Those were the three keywords: I should have. But was I? Absolutely not.

Oh, I was running in a damp, dark hallway, very little signs of light around me. My arms were wrapped around a briefcase in a tight grip, and I was stealthily dashing away from the enemy, the 'good guys.' Which obviously meant that I was not one of them. I was the enemy, the outcast, the one they wanted to lock up behind bars.

There was one thing that separated me from the rest of the society. To them, life was like a glass of water. It was either half empty or half full. To me, it was just a drink, a drink worth enjoying. Even if it was just water. I had rejected the idea of being average. I despised it. I found it useless. And now, here I was in a black sweater and black sweats, running from the police. A small gun was tucked in tightly between my pants and the shorts underneath. My hair was freely tangling itself in the chase.

My legs were burning, and my lungs begged for a normal breath. To think that I once read adventurous books was ridiculous. I was making my own adventure. Suddenly, my legs buckled from underneath me and gave out. I fell to the floor, the briefcase slipping from my hands so I could catch myself. My hands came in front of me and stopped my face from coming intact with the unforgiving floor.

I heard a click and slowly lifted my head to find the case's latches open. I cautiously crawled to it, and with an unsteady hand, I lifted the upper part of it. At first, I was a bit shocked at the contents inside, but then slightly confused. It was empty.

I heard another click, this time a more familiar one. I whipped my head around, my ebony hair smacking a gun that was in my face. The holder was a rather attractive man with a decent haircut that obviously had been taken not long ago. He smirked as he focused on the fact that he had the upper hand.

"Stand," he said. My lips squeezed together as I refused the order. "Stand up," he growled, sending a nudge to my thigh with the tip of his shoe. I picked myself off the ground to the dismay of my legs, but I did not grunt in pain. I stood upright and walked over to the empty suitcase.

"Stay where you are," he said, but I bent down and closed the suitcase. "Or what?" I said in an extravagant voice. "You'll shoot me? You don't have the nerves." He was stunned by my voice, the gun slumping towards the ground a bit. "Who says I won't?" he replied. I chuckled and locked the suitcase, kicking it away.

"I know you won't. You can't bear the thought of having blood on your hands." His hands slouched a bit with the gun, still rather unsure. "Aren't you a bit too young to be a wanted criminal? I mean, what are you, like twelve?"

I paced around him slowly, studying the position of his gun. "I'm going to be seventeen soon. And no, I'm not too young to be a wanted criminal. I'm very talented with what I do." His hands eased on the grip of the gun. "Not really, you know, sweetheart." Another chuckle came from me as I pointed out the obvious, ready to strike. "Then why haven't you caught me yet?"

In a split second, his gun shot up as his awareness struck him, but I kicked the gun out of his hand, sending it flying out of his hand. He launched himself to get it, but midway, I pulled my gun on him, and he halted himself. He took a deep breath. "You're not going to shoot me," he stated, and I smirked.

"Oh, really?" With that, my finger pulled the trigger, and he fell down, hollering in agony. Crimson blood pooled around his shoulder area in a hurry. I approached him slowly, and with every step that I took, he dragged himself away from me until his body hit the wall. His breaths were ragged, and his time was limited.

"Why do you live the way that you do?" he managed to gasp out. "I just want to know." I kneeled down next to him and cupped his face. He gritted his teeth and wheezed in pain, but I shushed him.

"You see," I answered, "Life's more... fun this way. It's an adventure. You never know what's in store for tomorrow or who's behind your back. And it's better that way." His eyes fluttered, trying to stay open. I smiled. "I can't give you the long speech, darling, because I see that you are getting kind of tired, and I definitely wouldn't want you falling asleep on me. That'd be hurful. So I'll put it short. I have the life that many are afraid to have, and I enjoy it. You, sadly, don't have the time to enjoy it anymore, nor am I giving it to you."

I lifted myself up and positioned myself about three feet away from him. "And oh, yeah!" I quickly added. "I have no regrets." He glared at me as I pointed my gun at him. I sweetly smiled and waved my fingers at him. "I hope I haven't broken your heart, and if I have, I hope you forgive me. Like there's anything to forgive."

My face darkened as I aimed for his heart. I closed my eyes gently, and my finger squeezed on the trigger. The halls echoed of the loud bang, but they became quiet once more as I had silenced the man forever with a bleeding heart. I had cheated Death once again. I safely tucked in my small gun once more and began to walk away slowly from the dead man, an eerie presence that will never haunt me. Once I was sure that I had walked a safe distance away, I looked back at the body.

In these killings that I did, I wondered if I really ever did have a heart. How I felt no remorse for anything. The man's family, if he had one, would find out of his death, and oh, the sobs and the disbelief. I never witnessed such a scene, and I would never start. If I did have a heart, it must have been one of ice or one of stone.

Though, if I did witness such a scene of family woe, I would not soften. I did not kill mainly for pleasure. It was to leave a mark. Pleasure was a secondary thought, one that I did not participate in so. It came along the road, just as in now, when I had left a mark not on that man's body, but on his mind as well. I truly had no regrets, I was set to forgetting my past as a daughter, and I was set to engraving my future from what I had now.

I had a reputation now, somewhat, but I'd make it bigger. I just wanted to be remembered not as your typical teenager, but something more. I was still developing, still growing, still blossoming as a rose, you could say. But my rose will have sharper thorns that most, and it will not be blood red. It will be ebony black.

So as I finished staring at yet another victim, I shifted back forward and began walking. My instincts told me to jog. I didn't. I galloped. I ran once more as fast as I could, making my future clear to myself. I would be remembered, this I promise you.

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