I just want to SCREAM!
Because you can't hear me.
Because you don't understand.
Or maybe you just don't care.

Why give me a passion,
If it changes nothing?

Why give me a voice,
If it can't be heard?

Why give me this gift,
If it can't be understood?

Why must I see this painting
In seven different dimensions,
When the world only sees two?

Why must I be different?
A weed in society?

Why must my gift be black and white?
Chicken scratch the world can't understand?
How can they not see the virtue of words?
Why do I feel the need to tell them what I see?

What did you do to me?
To force me into such fevered passion,
But gave me this face,
A face doomed to live alone,
No matter how glorious the words upon the tongue?

Is that what you want?
For me to live alone forever?

What is it you want from me?
Because I can't see,
Even who I'm supposed to be.

My soul is black,
But not with sin,
Nor blood upon these hands.
But with ink,
The ink you spread upon these fingertips.

You gave me the gift of words,
Amazing things,
But what am I to do with them?

The world does not understand them,
They can't define who I am,
They are useless.

I am useless.

Will I ever live the way a girl should?
Or will I forever be misunderstood?