There's something wrong with me,

I'm aware of it now,

Getting in the way of the things I know,

You're fucking getting to me.

Don't pretend as if it's not obvious to you,

So blatantly easy to ignore.

If there's nothing, leave nothing, and keep it that way

I'm sick of hearing lies labeled truth.

I can't blame you for lying to me,

In all honesty,

It can't really be that hard.

When someone's as stupid

As caught up as me,

No surprise that you've pushed me this far.

I'm waiting on things that'll never come,

On a realization that's dawning too late.

And each time you promise to never give up,
I'm wondering what'll flip you to hate.

But I promise I'll lay here forever,

Love the ground that you don't seem to touch.

And each second that I'm staying silent from you

Seems to me that it's one lifetime too much.

I can't change the fact that you're perfect,

Or the fact that I'm so below you

But you told me all of your stipulations,

And I told you the honest, fucking truth.

That your morals don't stand for shit here,

And my limits are far out the door.

And for such a gentleman,

Seeing me degraded

Seemed to do to you just a bit more.

So keep stringing me along now, darling

I promise I'll never raise my voice.

Keep in my when I'm bleeding

It's always been your fault,

But this time I've got no choice.

All I've ever had belongs to you now,

Possessions that I didn't understand then

If I could turn time back, I probably would

Instead of risking the loss of a friend.

All I can say now is sorry,

The guilt here isn't yours now to bear

It's obvious that you won't just let it happen

It's obvious that for some reason,

You might actually care.

So forgive me for sobbing your name out,

And forget all the things that you said.

When the sun comes up on this couch tomorrow,

There'll be nothing left to hurt you

No more memories

No beautiful lies to whisper

No more false dreams