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Ideas and idiots

So like…you know how sometimes, when you're zoning out and shit in school, then your friend or whatever says something completely out there (and I mean OUT THERE) and you come back and you're like…"What the fuck are you on?"…

Well yeah, that just happened. I was dazing out of the window nearest to me in my math class, and fortunately I had a lovely view of the passing clouds and just the tops of the closest trees. As I mused drearily on wishing I had a camera and also that I didn't have class so that could actually use the camera at this glorious moment, my math class friend, Megan, busted out with, "Fuck it would be so hot if you and Seth made out…"

Okay, so picture this…I'm a fairly tall, nicely built White senior, right? Seth is about the same height, and an even better built African American senior. We are both guys.

"Megan -seriously- what the fucking hell have you and your idiot boyfriend been experimenting with?!"

Shortly after my incredibly disgruntled retort, Megan and I exchanged glances (hers blank and totally serious and mine being that of vastly confused disbelief) and suddenly a quiet and suppressed eruption of laughter came from the table in front of ours.

A pretty Hispanic girl named Yuritzy turned to us and said, "Wow that totally caught me off guard…I didn't mean to like jump in on that, I'm sorry, but that was just hilarious. Wow that's gonna keep me going all week. WHOO…" she said as if her intensely suppressed snickering was equivalent to running across the football field.

At this point, Megan had joined her in her laughing and she was bent forward, shaking her head into her arms.

Apparently I failed to see the humor in the situation.

"What the fuck, how is that funny? That's just twisted. Why were you even thinking like that?" I questioned still in a state of mortification.

"Aww shit, now I'm envisioning things thanks…" I said after an image of Seth walking up to me entered my head and left just as suddenly.

This was increasingly all the more hilarious to the girls, of course.

"Aww, come on, is it cus he's black? I had no idea you were prejudiced, Xander!" Megan raised her hand to her mouth in mock disbelief.

"Oh right, ME…racist…yeah," I replied sarcastically. I guess Yuritzy took this as her cue to politely give us our privacy again even though she didn't have to. It was at this point that Mr. Gillian turned to us, being in the back of the class of course, and decided to take action against the distracted corner of the room.

"Now, if all of you were listening just now and taking notes, you'll be ready for the pop quiz! Fortunately for those of you who weren't paying attention, it's going to be a group quiz. Two tables per group, 3-4 people per group, and no moving around class," he explained as he started toward his desk and began passing out one test to each group.

Random laughs were heard and the noise level of the class rose significantly as chairs were turned and moved and people got in position to better work with one another. Seeing as Yuritzy was the only one in front of us due to the absence of her table-mate, she turned her chair to us and smiled in a friendly manner.

"Hey again," said Megan.

"Why hello there," replied Yuritzy.

"Sup," I offered as Mr. Gillian placed the test down in front of Megan since she was on the right. Even though Yuritzy was on that side too, I slid the test over to inspect it. "Oh, what the hell. I swear these teachers are getting lazier and lazier."

"What?" asked Yuritzy as she peered over to the test.

Megan scooted nearer to me and looked at the test and laughed cheaply, "Wow, didn't Mrs. Z's math class take this same damn test last week?"

Yuritzy added with a laugh, "Oh my gosh, it is, and it was a take home quiz too, so my brother made me help him with it…ok yeah, we got this, guys."

Yuritzy took the test and proceeded to jot down answers, showing work and everything, in her pretty feminine Hispanic handwriting, which I personally have always admired.

"Wow, thanks Yuri. We need to hang out with you more often," said Megan.

I smiled and said, "Nice, we owe you." I sat and watched her contentedly, feeling a little guilty about letting her do the whole group test alone.

Yuritzy, in the midst of her mathematical magic, raised her head in a questioning manner and asked, "So, Megan…where did that thing about Xander and Seth come from?"

Megan snorted and (as I eagerly listened for the logic behind her statement as well) said simply, "Well I just randomly was thinking about going to the park after school, and that's where Seth hangs out mostly, so I just had an image of Seth and Xander and I realized how amazingly hot that would be."

Yuritzy giggled a little bit and said, "Unfortunately Xander, I have to agree."

Now, I doubt either of them knew that I was virginal to any sort of romantic relationship, especially to one with another male. Megan and I just met this year and only talk in class, and I've had classes with Yuritzy off and on for my high school career, but we've never had a whole conversation before. So I don't really know where they got the idea that I was gay.

"I'm not gay!" I said in quiet protest.

In order to deter them from the issue, I snatched the quiz from Yuritzy and started working on it. Of course, it just gave them time for girl gossip and ideas and all that weird stuff.

"Prove it," Megan demanded.

"I'm not going to prove my lack of homosexuality to you. I don't even know how!" Seriously, where was this going?

"Seth is super hot though, if you're not afraid of Black people," provided Yuritzy.

"AND," added Megan, "I'm pretty sure he hasn't had a girlfriend since freshman year and that ended horribly if I remember correctly. Maybe he's not so into girls?"

"Even if that was true, how many black guys do YOU know that are gay?" I asked in a doubtful tone.

Megan jumped on the question, "Well, it hard to be a gay black man! They have to hide to make sure all of their gangster homies don't shoot 'em up and all that crazy shit! You better seize the opportunity when it presents itself!"

Yuritzy was busting up on the other side of the table muttering, "True, true!"

"Mhmm, now who's the prejudiced one?" I asked.

"It's not my fault that most African American young men are inclined to dress, act and speak like gang bangers who are secretly devout Christians and are highly avoidant of homosexuals and Muslims!" she yelled in response.

"Wow, Megan, just wow. Anyway, so what if he is gay. We don't need to know about it anyway," I said seriously. We should respect people's privacy, really. So I looked back down at the test and started to read the last question when they, coincidentally conceived the exact same idea in unison.

"Oh yes we do…" started Yuritzy.

They both began to advance toward me, as if they were about to reveal some master plan.

"I believe a study should be carried out, what about you Yuritzy?" asked Megan. Did they like, meet before class and plan this?

"Why yes, yes I do. I've got the time, and the determination. We should all work together in solving this great mystery!" Yuritzy replied in all seriousness.

"Oh my God, what do you girls want from me!?" I shouted, throwing my arms up in a mildly over dramatic way.

"Your participation-" began Megan

"and your cooperation!" added Yuritzy.

"Join us!" they said, eerily, at the same time.

After a few seconds of silence, we all laughed at the strangeness of the situation until Megan stopped abruptly and said, "No but seriously, if you cooperate, I'll wash your car whenever you want and as often as you want until we graduate!"

"Me too, me too! I'll bake you things!" chimed in Yuritzy.

Now seeing as I do a lot of driving and a good amount of eating, I decided that this was an offer I couldn't refuse. Anyway, I don't think that finding out if a guy is gay or not is too hard, right?

"I do believe I will take your offers ladies. Let's shake on it!" I suggested.

"Wait!" Megan said, stopping Yuritzy and I in our tracks, "Do you agree to go to the great lengths that we require during this investigation? I'll throw in some free homework assignments too!"

There was a pause for a second as I stopped to consider the possibilities.


And we all shook hands with satisfied smiles.

By the way, we aced that test…

(2 hours later)


So when I agreed to do this stupid shit, I was under the impression that I wouldn't have to go out of my way for those girls, but here I am, hiding behind the wall of the bathrooms at the park…stalking Seth.

They were in various places around the park too, of course. I wasn't coming out here alone.

I just felt really stupid, so I just sat down and pulled out my ipod as I casually watched Seth and his friends sit around and then get up to play a little basketball.

Most of his friends were actually Mexican and white, and only about 2 were black. There were eight of them out there, enough to play four on four, so I watched idly. Seth was actually better than I thought he'd be. I don't know why I didn't think he'd be good because he's extremely well built. I mean…I've only seen him clothed, but…you know…it seems like-you know I don't have to explain myself to you!

So I checked back to where the toys were and saw Yuritzy and Megan playing on the slide and having fun. Why did I have to be the one sitting alone by the pissy toilet area.

Just as I was getting up to walk over to the girls, I heard a voice from around the corner yelling, "I'll be back, guys. I need to shit!" Some laughter and a distant "TMI, Dude!" accompanied the soft voice. I didn't realize that the voice was so close because as I turned the corner, I ran right into a sweaty and confused Seth.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry! You ok?" I said, grabbing his arms to steady him from falling. Now that I noticed, he had a very pleasant skin color. It wasn't too dark or anything. It was kind of a hazelnut color that worked really well with his mahogany-colored eyes.

"I'M fine…are YOU okay? You look like you're suffering a heat stroke or something," he said good-naturedly.

"What?" I asked stupidly.

"You're face is completely red…" he told me with a raised eyebrow.

Oh shit. Damn this light skin! I wonder if blushing would be obvious on skin his color… Wait, what am I blushing for?

"You gonna let go so I can use the bathroom?" he asked, still not moving, but looking incredibly amused.

"Oh, sorry, I'm a little out of it. You know heat stroke and all. Make sure you don't catch anything in there, by the way. Park bathrooms are notorious for disease…" what am I talking about?

"Thanks, man. See ya later," he said, laughing and shaking his head slightly as he walked to the bathroom and opened the door.

"Oh my God, what the hell was THAT about?" I asked aloud.

"I can hear you man!" he called out from the bathroom.

"Oh shit!" I yelled as I sprinted off to Yuritzy and Megan.

What an idiot…

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