Sweetest Pain

Chapter 1

Staring out the window, Livia sighed, knowing she was leaving her old life behind for a whole year. It felt more like a relief, than a lost, and she felt guilty for the sensation of well-being invading her, knowing she was going to miss her family really soon. Well, she thought so. After all, university is a lot of work, and she'd be busy most of the time, but somehow, she knew she'd have time to miss her parents, her little brother, but especially the peace of her house... well, most of the time.

"Don't worry. It's scary at first, but you'll get used to it pretty fast."

Livia turned to Billie, her older brother, who had been a part of the same university she was entering for 2 years now, making this new experience even better.

"Anyway, you know I'm here if you need anything." he added.

Livia smiled to him. Billie had mistaken her impatience to be by herself, and learn, with nervousness, but she couldn't blame him for that. Her weird way to remain silent, when she normally couldn't stop speaking, could easily be taken the wrong way, and she decided not to contradict him.

"Thanks Billie." she simply answered, rushing a grin in his direction.

The greatness of the building made Livia's heart beat quicker, mixing her emotions from fear to excitement and her brother finally parked outside. They walked in silence, as Livia tried to see everything, and memorize every place she wanted to visit, everything she thought she needed to remember, and stared at every face walking by, wondering who they were, and if she would get to know them.

Somehow, she managed to get her schedule, along with other sheets filled with information they supposed she had to know. The name of her dormitory, and the number of her room finally made the beginning to her adventure seem real, and she felt her hands shake, making the words impossible to read.

"Relax, I'll show you your dorm." her brother whispered.

She smiled, happy she had someone to count on, and followed Billie, her head moving in all directions, catching quick glances at everything around her, although she knew she'd have years to do it.

Standing in front of a large and dark brown fancy door, she stared at Billie who looked at her carefully, the way only he did with her.

"If you need me, you have my cellphone number, and I'll leave it open so you can call me at anytime of anyday."

Livia rolled her eyes and hi his arm lightly.

"Bill, don't be so protective. I'm a big girl now." she laughed.

"I know. I just want to make you comfortable."

Livia's felt something that seemed to pull in her stomach, grateful for her brother's unconditional affection and threw herself in his arms, hugging him like they were alone in the world. Everyone seemed to mind their business, and no one took a second glance at what seemed like a couple separating for the night.

"Love you, sister." he whispered, kissing her forehead.

She looked at him leave until he was out of sight, and took a big breath before to grab her luggage. Her petite frame had difficulties to pick up the heavy bag, and she finally gave up, pushing it with her feet until the door with the numbers 405.

She didn't have time to knock and the door opened quickly in front of her, making her jump in surprise. Her hand quickly reached her chest as her heartbeats accelerated.

"My god, you scared me." she said, finally laughing.

"Sorry. You should have asked some help!"

The tall brunette suddenly gripped Livia's luggage, bringing them inside and putting it on the empty bed next to hers as Livia followed her inside. She would have never guessed the strenght of the tiny girl who seemed to be graceful no matter what she was doing. Livia bit her lips in jealousy. If everyone was as beautiful as her in this university, she'd probably end up depressed.

"I'm Julie." the girl said, extending her hand.

Livia nodded and shook it before to put back her own hand on the back pockets of her jeans.

"Livia. And thank you, by the way."

"It's no problem. I'm just happy I'm with someone who's not crazy." she laughed. "Or at least, you don't seem like it."

Livia grinned.

"I hide it pretty well." she joked, bringing a smile on Julie's lips.

"So, what are you studying in?"

"Literature." Livia answered, walking up to her bed and sitting on it slowly.

"Amazing! Me too!"

The thought of having a friend in most of her classes made Livia feel lighter at the moment, suddenly more comfortable.

"Did you specifically asked to be with a girl?"

Livia laughed and nodded. There was nothing worse than being distracted by boys, in school. It happened to her often, but luckily, it never really changed anything to her grades.

"Me too." Julie kept going. "My boyfriend insisted."

Livia laughed despite herself.

"Why didn't you specifically ask to be with him?"

"It's university." she raised her shoulder with this simple answer.

"I think they're not too fond of boys living with girls anyway. That's what my brother told me, at least."

"Who would want to undress in front of a boy?"

Both of their laughter invaded the room until everything became silent again.

"Here, let me help you unpacking."

As Livia put memories of her life at home in the drawers, she noticed the sensation of happiness filling her body, already missing home, but knowing that somehow, this experience would change her life.