Chapter 2

The class was empty when she stepped foot in it, fifteen minutes earlier. It wasn't her kind to be there before everyone, seeing as she was most likely the biggest procratinator in the world, but the impatience linked to her university debut made her act different. She knew she'd be back to normal after some weeks spent doing homework and attending courses, but at this exact moment, as she stood in front of an immense room with different levels, she grinned, eager to hear about what she was going to learn.

She looked at the empty rows, and for a moment, she stood motionless, roaming around, her books stuck on her chest. If anything, it's exactly what she had dreamt of, and there she finally was, making the very first step towards her future. She walked slowly until the first row and took a seat, still fascinated by what she was seeing.

She could have walked with Julie, since she knew both of them had the same course on that morning, but when she woke up, Julie had already left, probably to go join her boyfriend. Livia had no intention on calling her brother to help her. She wanted to go through this by herself, like anyone would, although knowing that he's so close comforted her in some special way.

Waiting for someone, anyone, to enter the room made her nervous, and she was tempted to get back up and leave, but her legs were paralized under the desk, accelerating her heartbeats. There was no turning back.

She closed her eyes and repeated over and over in her head that everything was going to be alright, taking big breaths to calm herself.

"Didn't you sleep enough?"

Livia jumped and opened her eyes only to see Julie sending her a smile as she sat next to her gracefully.

"I slept actually well, if you wonder."

"Actually, I don't. You snored all night long." Julie laughed.

"Liar!" Livia argued friendly, pushing lightly Julie who laughed even more.

Students started to fill the room and Livia noticed a man entering with determination the room, taking place in front of the biggest desk at the center of the stage, his back facing them. She moved her head on the side trying to get a better view, when he suddenly turned around and walked until the door, closing it with a loud noise. Everyone stopped talking at the same time, following their professor's every movements. He went back to his desk and sent everyone in the room a big smile.

He half-sat on the dark brown wood his desk was consisted of, maintained by his hands on each side of him.

"Hello, student. I'm your new teacher, Mister Pasdar."

As Livia raised her eyebrows, deciding he was one of those strick teachers you end up scared of, he continued.

"You can call me Adrian." he said, his eyes roaming on all the students. "Don't let the tie fool you. I'm not one of those teachers you'll end up hating, or at least, I like to think so. Don't break my bubble, will you?"

Everyone started laughing shyly but Livia simply grinned. The handsomeness of the man she was looked at, along with his easiness to be so relaxed in front of tousands of judgmental young adults impressed her. She surprised herself to be waiting for his next words, and this time, it had nothing to do with learning.

"In this class, we'll study something you'll most likely find incredibly useless. But Litterature's History can actually be passionating, and that's what we'll try to do."

Everyone seemed to be listening to him at this point, and he started walking in front of them.

"Most of us, in this room, are artists. And I know artists. They're people that like to live outside of society's rules. For example, artists are procratinators, who tend to come late to class."

At this exact moment, someone opened the door. His blonde hair seemed almost white with the daylight, and his shy blue eyes zoomed around him before to quickly look down in guilt.

"Hey, have a seat, please." Adrian said, sending him a smile.

He didn't wait for the guy to be sitting and looked back at the mob of people, noticing some of them were now whispering.

"Like I said, artists are procratinators, and can end up being late."

All the students started laughing, and this time, Livia added her laughter to theirs.

She smiled, still staring at the every features of his face, and suddenly congratulated herself for sitting in the first row. His chocolate brown eyes seemed to shined as he kept talking about his passion for litterature, and the program he had for the year they were going to spend together.

Time seemed to fly by, and before she could realize it, he told them it was the end, and that they'd see them in two days.

"I like him already." Julie let out, getting up as everyone in the room did the same.

Livia didn't reply, scared that the way she'd express her feelings towards her new teacher would seem would too obviously show she was not completly indifferent for him.

"We have a free period. Are you hungry?"

She was, but she simply bited her bottom lip, sending a quick glance on her right side. He was sitting at his desk, a pen in hands and seemed to be concentrated on something, scribbling notes quickly.

"Yea, but I've got something to do right now."

Julie nodded, thinking.

"Alright, I'll see you at the coffee shop, down the street. I'll present you my boyfriend, good?"

Livia nodded at her turn, sending a smile to her new friend and watched her leave. She stayed a moment motionless, her books stuck on her chest, feeling her hands getting wet as nervosity spread inside of her. Taking a big breath, she finally walked up to his desk. He didn't notice someone was standing in front of him immediatly, but Livia waited patiently until he finally felt a presence and looked up.

That's when he dived his deep dark eyes in hers, and she knew at this moment, that she had found something she was not searching for.