Insparation was my favorite song: See Me In Shadows.


I am lost
in your dark shadow.

The memories are there
of white curtains
flowing around the air.

You left me behind,
to fight for nothing.

Your paintings;
Of us,

You disappeared
in a cloud:
so did everyone else.

Leave me behind,
as you tried to scream
out my name.

I could only
your agony
that burned your soul.

Feel mine,
burning to be whole.

I can imagine,
the feeling of
white curtains;

Visible mist,
dark faery dust,
taking me up.

To whom it may concern
A lost dream,
of walking on air.

I can only dream,
Of being there.

Scream out my name,
once more.
this time,

Let me hear.

Once more
this time,
Let me hear.