You once were everything to me,

Do you know that?

Poe's green isle in the sea,

Wreathed with hopes and dreams

And you, my dearest, closest friend.

You left in your little boat,

With the sail defiantly up,

You never looked back once,

And you sailed away,

Toward what brighter prospects, I know not

Leaving me lying here in the sand.

How many days have I watched that horizon?

Thought I caught a glimpse of your sails,

But was disappointed

And I cried, oh how I cried.

You were my closest friend,

My confidante with warm hugs

And a smile to cure the tears.

But now, I weep every time

Your image comes to my tormented mind,

And I would've cried forever.

Ah, but for that angelic being,

And the unending love of a father,

I could not have lasted the winter

That has blanketed our island

Wreathed it , frozen it,

In ice and snow.

For now you're gone, you're gone.