Say yes.

They say I'm strong,
I don't want to be strong
actually nobody knows
how I used to cry before
... Sleeping.

They say I'm all grown up, let things go
but I'm too young to understand
why I still ask those questions.

They say the answers are in my heart
but no matter how I look for them,
I can't find anything but a way without an exit.
It seems I lost something I didn't have.

It's not as if I suffer in silence
it's just there aren't ways to say...

I want to stop being a child,
but I don't want to be an adult.

... Forgive me.

I don't know where pain is from,
maybe it existed before I was born,
maybe everybody is hurt.

Don't listen, don't listen, leave me alone,
you know...

Say yes to everybody and everything,
I don't want to be responsible for my acts,
so tell me what to do, say or think
though it's not from my broken heart,
I can live being a mannequin
in the showcase of your "paradise"

thank you, simpleplan13 :D