Unwanted was never happy with her life. An orphan at birth, shunned by all the others in her pack, she didn't even have a name; as no one cared enough to name her. Her midnight black coat marked her as different from her pack, as was her ability to change into a human at will.

After years of living on the very edge of survival, with each harsh winter a testament to her will to survive, Unwanted got her revenge. After a wild night spent hunting the pack had accidentally strayed too close to a human village. Unwanted, still starving from the pitiful scraps she had had to fight to drag away from the remains of the hunt, sneaked into the village in her wolf form and into the hall were all the humans were eating.

The humans stared at her in horror as the shadows constantly shifted against black coat and the dried blood around her mouth made her seem demon-like in the candle-lighted hall. Unwanted trotted into the hall to where the leader sat and jumped up onto the table. She sat and stared at the leader. Brash and overconfident, the human stared right back at her, then laughed to the person sitting by his side.

As the leader turned his head, Unwanted licked her lips. The person who the leader was talking to noticed, but the leader didn't. The leader laughed at the other human's fears, saying that if the wolf had wanted to attack him it would have already done so.

Over the rest of the meal conversations were strained and instinctively each human's eyes kept straying back to the animal, which had been persuaded to relocate to a chair by the leaders side and was systematically attacking each platter of meat with great gusto. But every time the leader looked away from Unwanted she stared at him and licked her lips.

The human on the other side of the leader was petrified of this unnatural wild beast and kept telling the leader not to trust her. The leader, tired of its complaints sent it away, to the relief of Unwanted as the human would have spoilt it's plans.

Finally the meal ended and the human pack gradually disappeared back to their dens. When the human Alpha and his men stood to leave, Unwanted tailed him like a dark, unwanted shadow. Standing next to the wolf, the human realised how large the wolf was and, if he had not been roaring drunk, he might have listened to his instincts rather than laughing them off. The wolf and her prey walked almost companionably out into the night, Unwanted's fur almost invisible in the shadows cast from the faint light of the buildings.

The humans' pack members tried to convince their leader how dangerous Unwanted was, however their attempts were dashed away angrily. Unwanted grinned wolfily as her prey marched furiously towards his den and away from his men. Seizing the opportunity, Unwanted subtly used her body weight to push the human further into the darkness and away from the dwellings. Laughing at his new pet's antics, the human said, "So ye wunt to ge fer a walk do ye? Nut too far nuw, we don wunt to ge lost." Unwanted let the filthy human hand onto her fur as he stumbled further away from the camp.

Judging they were far enough away Unwanted let her hunger off its leash and tore into the human, breaking its neck in the fall. Before she could satisfy her hunger she heard the sound of fellow wolves nearby. Growling at the interruption, Unwanted dragged the body towards underneath some exposed tree roots and waited for the pack to arrive.

As the more wolves entered the clearing, Unwanted dragged the body in front of the Alpha Male and walked away. The A'pha growled and Unwanted was brought back by sharp nips from the rest of the pack. Pack protocol demanded that the Alpha male got first choice of any meal, but the Alpha showed it's disgust by peeing on the human instead of eating like Unwanted had hoped; if he had accepted her offer then the other wolves would have had to treat her as part of the pack rather than lower than the youngest cub. Unwanted growled and launched herself at the Alpha; the rest of the pack responded to the attack and charged into the fray.

The next morning the humans finally found the body of their leader with the help of their dogs. When they moved carefully into the clearing they saw a horrifying and disturbing sight. The black wolf that visited their hall the night before had led their leader to the rest of the wolf pack and his body had been mutilated beyond comprehension.

Further into the clearing, the black beast was gnawing on a leg bone surrounded by at least 30 wolves, all dead within a couple of hours. A human shouted and shot at the black wolf. The bullet missed but Unwanted growled and limped off further into the woods with her prize.

The humans were calling her the Dark Wolf Demon, she found out at the next village she came to; there was a $1000 price on her head and it seemed she, they called her a he in the notice, had killed 100 wolves and wiped out a whole village. Unwanted, in her human form, grinned a sly grin as she saw the notice and continued on her wanderings. They say late at night in the forests of Saracmoor you can hear the screams of the victims of the Dark Wolf Demon, both human and wolf.

The wolves have similar story they tell to their young, about an unnatural rabid wolf that was cast out by its pack, with a pelt the colour of death and the power to turn into a stinking human. Alphas warned their young about the Unwanted One and cautioned each other about the humans who hunted any wolf they could find.

As winter turned to spring, and then on till summer, there was a frenzy of killings, both human and wolves, as each creature hunted their fears until... one day it just stopped. Reports of the Dark Wolf Demon stopped appearing, and the Unwanted One had certainly made her killings noticeable to spark more chaos, hunters no longer found wolf tracks leading straight from villages into the dens of wolves and the level of human remains found in the woods decreased one there was no reason for so many to be there.

It is said that the cries of a beast in wolf form, but with a human mind, could sound like music hauntingly beautiful to the listener. Such a sound was once familiar in every village along the Saracmoor Forest border until one day it just disappeared. There were rumours further down south, by the water's edge, that a beast of black smoke roamed the land with the taste for human flesh. But of course a rumour is not to be trusted... is it?