What can you do when you have to choose between two guys? Leaving is out of the question. So is ignoring them and running scared. Despite the allure of just running and finding a nice, warm, safe…no! You see, when two really strong guys are both strong, brave and ready to fight it's about time us girls stick our heads in. Especially if someone is likely to get hurt. It's up to us to stop that.

Ok, these men weren't human, they were lycanthropes. Shifters for the better grasp of the word, if you don't know what I mean. I'm not exactly big, but when it comes down to it I'm better in a different way. Well, I can control minds you know. While two men like that are trying to kill each other it's easy to take control. Then you just… suggest.

They bring you presents. Gorgeous fresh and crispy food, soft bedding and pretty decorations will soon adorn your house. Or the new house you move into.

They argue over you, but that's easy to sort out. Just get them to stay. A palace lies waiting, with servants at your beck and call. You have men to sleep with you, women who adore you and no one to get on your bad side. They're to enthralled by your beauty. Secrets will be yours to know and keep, and no one can take them off you. No, not even those stupid humans.

No I'm not one of you. What do you take me for?

I am Queen of the White Rabbits. Bow before me.


A once off as a laugh for a friend.
I hope you all like it!