TICK TOCK . . . TICK TOCK . . . TICK TOCK. The sound of the rhythmic clock rings in my ears. Five more minutes. TICK TOCK. . .TICK TOCK. . .TICK TOCK. . .CHIME! It's time! CHIME. I need to hurry. CHIME. This may be my only chance. CHIME In haling deeply I close my eye's and picture where I wish to go. My hands rose toward the center of the room, where a six pointed star is drawn, I exhale and open my eyes.

Gusts of wind erupt into the room through the window. Papers fly, cups of water fall, wind chimes ring. "Upon this night of the gathering I call unto the spirits. Guide us toward victory and keep us safe. Hidden among the trees, a meeting spot is made. Bring me there to lead them toward our victory, a brighter future waits!"

The star begins to glow a dull red, growing brighter, brighter, engulfing the whole room. Pressure builds up around me, squeezing out any amount of air that may still be in me. Traveling my magic is uncomfortable, but fast. Suddenly the pressure is gone with an almost instant relief. It's like a tight coil around me was snapped in half and fresh breaths of air rushes into my lungs. The sensation takes me by surprise, losing my balance I tumble over. "Ouch!"

"Had a celebratory drink before we even win the fight I see" a voice laughs behind me. I turn around to scowl at my life, long friend, Michel. "Oh hahaha, you know I don't drink" He pats me on the head. "Oh you'll have to drink a sip or two tonight. I'll make sure of that." "Yeah and I'll hate you for it" I mutter. He laughs again. Then he turns serious. "You better hurry up now, M'Lady. We're starting soon and the council wishes to see you first." Tilting my head to the side and hand on the hip "So the reason you've come to meet me is revealed now isn't it? Well fine then, lead the way."

He walked ahead of me, leading through the winding forest. Soon we are breaking through into a cleared field. All eyes on us, oh joy. As we make our way toward the main tent everyone bows as we pass. I try not to notice, head held high, chest out, walking with dignity. Michel waits at the entrance for me as I brush past the opening. All heads snap toward me and they stand up, nodding their heads.

"Hello and how are we all today?" I smile at them. The leader of the elves steps forward, "Please princess this is a serious matter. No joking." "Well you're a downer" I frown at him. The leader of the fairies speaks up now. "Well then are you ready princess?" Taking a deep breath and showing a fresh smile. "As I'll ever be!" "Good then lets go address the troops."

Emerging one by one, pulling the attention of everyone toward us. Using a spell to project my voice, I begin. "Everyone! Today will be a glorious day for our people! Today we fight for our freedom against the tyrants who are trying to control us. We will no longer have to hind from them among the humans! We will once again take control over the magical realm once again! Let us fight as one, let us win as one, and let us all celebrate our victory as one! One people, one community, and THRE WILL ONLY BE ONE VICTOR!" Cheers erupted from the crowd. Thousands of voices rang in the sky, shaking the ground beneath out feet, with a grin on my face and my heart pounding with excitement. It has begun.

To be continued. . . .