Marriage sucks.
that's all there is to it.

it's just one bumpy roller coaster
with too many loops
that makes you hope and pray
for it to come to a stop.

it's an air flight
so full of turbulence,
That makes your stomach trip and gag
just waiting for the plane to touch down,
so you can escape to the comfort of your own home

but once you are Married,
you have no home,
you are eternally bound to the one
you never quite know if you can love

Marriage is scary.
why is it that
is only Official,

When it has a Name and a Certificate?

why cant we just,.. be?
love like we will,
because if love is so true,
if love is never Jealous,
or Unkind or Insecure,
why do have to Prove it?

love cannot be Proven,
or Shown
or Dealt with Realistically.

It can only be felt

maybe you say i am afraid of Commitment.

i say i am afraid of Unfeeling.

Apr. 4, 07