So, here's my first (published) story. I thought this would be a pretty good piece of writing to start off with. Don't want to start writing multi-chapter stories as some of the first stuff here.

Anyway, hope you guys (and girls for that matter) will read and most importantly enjoy what I have written.


She looked up at the starry night sky. No clouds were to be seen. The only other light source besides the moon was the crackling bonfire. It felt warm and created a cozy atmosphere, protecting the girl from the otherwise cool and harsh night. She looked up at the sky, and with a sigh she closed her eyes.

Riko Iyuka. That was her name. She was a girl in her 20's, with dark blonde hair set up in a ponytail most of the time. Until a month or so ago, she had been just another girl in just another village. She was arguably still just another girl, but not in any sort of peaceful village.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she felt something itch on her head. She reached up with her hand to scratch it. As she did, she felt not only hair, but fur as well. She was scratching just below an ear, a fox ear to be exact. And that ear was part of what had caused all of the stuff to happen. Riko was a demon, a fox-demon. In addition to the ears on her head, she had a tail as well. The village she had lived in hadn't cared. They knew that not all demons were evil, and had accepted her since she was a child. She hadn't had that many friends in the village, but she had been happy. No one was prejudiced against her, and everyone smiled at her. The only reason she hadn't gotten many friends, was mostly due to her own shyness.

Then around a month ago, her peaceful life had come to an end. A couple of demon hunters, bent on destroying and killing all demons and people who associate with them, had learned of her existence in the village. They had arrived, and demanded her executed. The village didn't comply, and that led to the villagers being slaughtered, and the village burnt to ashes. Upon seeing the horrors in front of her, she ran away, being shielded by the remaining villagers. Being a fox demon, she had slightly increased strength and agility compared to normal humans, so it was easier for her to run away. She ran, but she had no idea how far or for how long. All she could remember was that she eventually fell over on the ground in a clearing in a forest, exhausted.

She opened her eyes, and looked around the bonfire. All around lay her friends, the people she had met on her journey. People like Aremis, the smart but slightly arrogant magic user; a nice guy despite thinking too greatly about himself. Val, the friendly succubus who although she liked to tease people, was always friendly and dependable. Nura the priest, who was skilled at both light and healing magic. An outgoing, energetic and kind of temperamental girl. And then of course, him.

Riko looked over at him. Unlike the others, he wasn't sleeping, but on guard duty. He caught her stare, and smiled kindly at her. Her face turned beet red and she looked away, focusing her gaze on her legs. She fidgeted a bit. Riko wasn't wearing much, just a pair of panties and a T-shirt. Even though the only thing he might be able to see would be a small part of her midriff, she was still shy. Normally she wouldn't mind all too much, but when it was him… she was shy. Various thoughts went through her head. "Can he see anything…?" "If he can, does he like it…?" "Will he think I'm cheap for wearing this…?" Her heart was beating faster than usual as she stared at her legs, deep in thought.

His name was Hiro Basran. The first of her friends she'd met. The first time she saw him, was when he was taking care of her after she had passed out. At first she was scared, and thought he was a demon hunter. He carried a sword, so in Riko's mind he couldn't be anything else. She had tried running away, but was quickly attacked by a pack of rabid wolves. Unable to fend them off, she fell over and closed her eyes, waiting to be attacked. She heard slashes, and wolf whimpers and felt no pain. When she opened her eyes, she was staring right into Hiro's eyes. At that time, her heart skipped a beat. His eyes were kind, and not even a bit of negativity could be found in them. His short, kind of spiky light brown hair fit him really well, and his face looked strong yet friendly. He smiled at her, in a concerned way. "Are you okay…?" He had asked.

That was the first time she met him, and also the first time she had fallen in love. Ever since then, her feelings, her love had only gotten stronger the more she had gotten to know him. Hiro was an adventurer, or so he said. Upon learning of what had happened to Riko, he had asked her to come along with him, at least until they got to another village. They had travelled together since then. Whether it was because she secretly liked travelling around the world, or if she was simply a slave of her own love, she didn't know. All she knew was that she didn't want to settle in a village, she wanted to go with Hiro. Along the way, they had picked up more friends and could soon call themselves a small adventuring group. And here they were now, at a beach on the continent of Elys. Everyone but she and Hiro were asleep.

Then it hit her. She and Hiro were alone, together. As long as they were quiet, anything could happen. Images quickly flashed in her mind, pictures of her kissing Hiro, pictures of them lying in the sand, pictures of them confessing their love for one another…

She shook her head, blushing even more than she had before. She could feel him looking at her. She drew in the sand with her right hand, she wiggled her toes burying them in the sand, she did anything to pretend she didn't know he was looking. She could feel him moving closer. Her heart started pounding in her chest, faster and faster, until he was finally sitting next to her. She wanted to look at him, she really did. But she couldn't, she was too nervous.

She had tried confessing before. But every time she and Hiro were alone, she had chickened out. She'd either not say anything, or stop and make up stuff mid-sentence. Another time, Val the succubus had learned of one of Riko's weaknesses, her fox appendages. Val had caught her and stroked her fox ears. Unable to escape, Riko had succumbed to the pleasurable feeling, and acted very fox and animal like. They had all thought it was funny, Hiro as well. Afterwards, Riko had said she was fine, but she wasn't. On the inside she was dying of embarrassment. Not because the others had seen and laughed at it, not because Val had done it. But because she had looked like a joke in front of Hiro.

She closed her eyes. This had to end. Tonight was the night she'd confess. She was scared, but not knowing how Hiro felt was worse than knowing, even if he didn't like her. She gathered up all the courage she could muster, and looked him right in the eyes. What she saw surprised her.

He looked nervous, like her. He spoke to her. "Hey.." was all he could say. "Hi." She said back, fighting to remain calm. They both just stared into each other's eyes for who knows how long. Finally, Riko broke the silence. "U-Um… Hiro… I-I uh… I…" she stuttered. He put a finger over her mouth, pushing her over the edge, as her heart started beating the fastest it had ever beaten, and her face became redder than a tomato. "…H-Huh…?"

He leaned in close to her. She pulled back, and somehow managed to lose her balance. With a yelp, she fell over on her back in the sand. He didn't seem to care, as he continued to lean in over her. "I know… Riko…" he said. "I know…" His lips locked around hers. Soon, all of her fears went away… it felt like a thousand ton were lifted from her chest, washed away by a feeling of pure bliss. She closed her eyes, and put her arms around his neck, letting their kiss show her true feelings.


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