Texas; the sun, the sky, the people. I would miss this piece of dirt. It's ironic, that when I was young, I always wanted to get out of this place, but now that I have, I miss it. My life would never be the same; I'd probably get new friends, but they're different. The people I loved most were out of my life now, no matter how much I wanted them to stay. Its crazy that the things you didn't think about when you're young, are suddenly thrown at you once you hit high school. Stress, alcohol, sex; they all come at you at once. Sometimes you just can't focus on the important things in life. I live in Florida now; its hot, but not Texas hot. A few of my friends brought their instruments over few years back. We put together some sick rhythms and our band was born. Though members came and went, we still kept it strong. Somehow, we all managed to stay together and above the influence for two years. We're trying the best we can to keep our fans happy, and rip up the stage while we still have our hair. About a month ago I had Texas on the brain. For a few weeks, I had been unable to write any lyrics; then, out of nowhere, a song came to me. I'm still working on that darn thing, but its going to make us big, and it was all because of that little piece of dirt I used to call, home.

When you move to a different state, you feel like you're losing everything you have. My advice? Make some new friends while keeping in contact with the old ones, either through phone, email, IM, etc. Friends are what makes the world go round; if you don't have any, it just seems like the end of it. You always need someone to help you through the rough patches in your life, and sometimes parents just don't cut it.