This is my completed short story, Bewitching Thirst. It's your average supernatural story. It's about Sondra- a young witch- that has to save her friends from three very hungry vampires. This is all I will ever put of this story up on fictionpress, even if I make it longer in the future.


Sondra- the main character; a witch
Marie- one of Sondra's best friends
Julie- another friend of Sondra's
Zack- Sondra's boyfriend
Donnie- Marie's boyfriend; Zack's best friend
Michael- Julie's boyfriend; a friend of Zack and Donnie
Tabitha- long lost sister of Sondra; another witch
Tyler- very handsome vampire
Lindsay- the head vampire
Shay- a younger vampire

"Quick! Hide in here," exclaimed Marie and we all dove into the opening that she was pointing to. "We should be safe in here," she said breathlessly. We looked around at each other to make sure no one was missing and sat in silence for a few minutes. I noticed it was a pretty decent sized cave, and big enough for all six of us to sit comfortably in.

Looking at everyone, I studied their glaring expressions. All of them- Zack, Marie, Donnie, Julie, and Michael- stared at me quizzically with questions written all over their faces. Zack actually looked like he had figured something out. I feared that he was thinking on the right track. Why did I let him in the room with me?! Great, I thought to myself. I just waited for one of them to speak up and ask me about everything. I looked at them firmly, determined not to seem suspicious, especially not to Zack. I noticed their expressions in the light from the lantern, and realized they were more confused and scared than angry. That was a relief. That confirmed they were not about to blame me.

"How the hell did you do that," Donnie finally asked. As soon as he said the last syllable, all their questions came pouring out. "Something tells me that we should be dead right now. Why aren't we?" "What was that you made?" "Why are these things after us? Or are they after you?" The questions kept coming at me in hysteric voices. They echoed through my head, as well as the cave. I was listening to the questions and the echoes, as well as trying to find the best way to explain. I've already lied a lot tonight, so maybe I was getting good at it finally. Or maybe not. I wasn't really ready to test that theory. I couldn't just tell them the truth, could I?