3 Months Later

"Sondra, are you positive you want to do this?" My mother was pleading with me to stay home. I know she didn't want me to leave and lose another daughter- her only daughter left- and also she didn't believe I was strong enough to be by myself. I was hoping that using magic around her would make her powers become useful. But she still hasn't seen the vision I was hoping and praying she'd see- the vision of me changing the supernatural world. Whether she liked it or not, I felt ready to take on the world- well, as much as I ran into.

"Yes, mom, I am sure. I am really sorry for hurting you, but this is what I have to do," I told her again- and for the last time- as I was packing. Ever since I realized I was one of the strongest witches around, I have wanted to try to find other strong witches to see if it is possible to share magic. My sister, Tabitha, had run off, but then trapped herself in werewolf form in order to save me and my friends from a gang of vampires. I wanted to help my sister and other not as strong witches gain enough magic to shape-shift back- and to obtain more power.

I could feel my mother's glare piercing my back as I continued packing. Oh, well, she'll get over it. She is just worried that I may be in over my head- which is very possible, but I'm too stubborn to even think about that. Or maybe she's scared what will happen to me since her visions aren't working for her. Who knows, she might be worried of me becoming power hungry and turn evil like other strong witches. That thought angers me; she should know that I would never become evil because I had refused to be a witch in the first place. Truthfully, I still hate it, but I've learned to cope with it, and that it's who I am.

"Ok, dear, just promise me you'll be extra careful and take good care of yourself," she said in a new, unexpected, trusting voice as I packed the last of everything.

I turned to look at her to understand where this new approval came from. Her face looked so sincere and knowing. Maybe she had the vision finally. "I promise." I said as she walked over to give me a hug. I really am not a fan of hugs, but she's my mother and deserves one from me now. I let her hug me and I hugged her back. To my surprise, she finally understood me on a great level. She didn't let the embrace last long like she usually did. Instead, it was a quick, but heartfelt hug. She then stepped out, looked at me lovingly in the eyes. She kissed my cheek and whispered a goodbye. I whispered a bye back as she turned to walk out my room.

I stared on in disbelief. After three months of arguing, my mother just allowed a short, sentimental goodbye. She had to have had the vision of me being successful. I smiled as I envisioned my future. I would achieve my goal and help the supernatural world- for good.

With thoughts spiraling through my head, I gathered my bags together. Thoughts of the past three months found their permanent place in my head. I'll always remember the camping trip with Zack, Marie, Donnie, Julie, and Michael, and how the three vampires- Tyler, Lindsay and Shay- had tried to kill us for their supper. I wanted to always remember how courageous Tabitha was for saving me and my friends, even though she knew she'd lose her powers. After I let these thoughts have their final chaotic run through my head, I pushed them to their reserved spot to where they wouldn't haunt me all the time. I also had to push back the memories of the breakup between Zack and me. He hadn't taken it so well. I pushed all these thoughts back, and then centered my mind on my task.

I grabbed my bags in hand and pictured the apartment I rented in New York City. It was right across from Central Park. Third story up, one room apartment that had no furniture yet, but it would. I rented this apartment a week after the camping trip knowing that my mother would have the vision sooner or later. I decided on New York City because I remember Tabitha mentioning during my training that she knew a powerful old witch, named Agatha from previous visits who she wanted to be like. I made myself really picture the apartment, being inside the apartment and concentrated, and I gradually felt my soft bedroom carpet be replaced by the apartment's cold hardwood floor beneath my feet. As I opened my eyes, a smile touched my face as I looked at the empty apartment- it was just like it was a few months ago when I rented it. As I thought again about my mission, a feeling of determination took over me.

So, I hope you all enjoyed my story. I really enjoyed writing it and revising it! I plan to make something of it in the future. You all just got to see a sneak peek! This is the only version of it I will ever put up on fictionpress. If I decide to continue to make a follow-up story, I'll think about putting a snippet up for you.

Hope to read reviews! :)

~Angela Nichole