the edge of my seat keeps getting smaller.
and your words keep echoing from ear to ear.

i would close my eyes to hear better,
but then you might catch on.
so i'm acting not be so interested,
even though i could recite everything you have said.

it is quite hard to hide the manifest fact that i adore you.
also it is difficult to pretend that you talking,
isn't bringing such complete joy to me.
it is sort of pathetic.
but true.

my voice is shrinking as you speak,
my sentences crumble before they touch my tongue,
losing their bravado before real courage even appeared.

here i sit, you obviously losing interest
in just talking by yourself.
i sit like a mime, silent and dumb.

please, please, please
just leave before i say something stupid.
you and i both know that it's the way this conversation will end.
awkward and honest.

you're at the edge of your seat.
because this talk has taken a new course.
but i'm sure you are barely listening.

those three magic words,
were the only ones to release from these lips.
i told you, honest and uncomfortable.

though, for hearing such news, you seem rather, calm.
speak you. say something to break the silence.

the air is getting denser and deadlier by the minute,

those four responding words, of adoration.
did you really say them?

i wish i could speak,
but you leave me speachless.

i love you.
i love
you too.