Simon says
today is an office day,
ride the elevator all the way up
to a secretary
and a panoramic view
to listen to the people.

Simon says
why must all their problems
come to me?
I see much farther than the next
street, town, county,
your missing child will have to wait
because more pressing matters beckon;
Finland needs renamed, let's say.
Would they let me call it

Of course they would,
if Simon said.

But that might not fit on the map,
so I must make Finland bigger—
I mean, Ichtenbeckfordschtein—
erase a border line or two
and paint it blue,
I'm sure the natives wouldn't mind
if Simon said.

Maybe missing Mary Sue is there,
in Icklordbeckelstein…
or was it Ilfinliderschnitz?
Oh well, I'll have to start again
with renaming my dominion,
Mary Sue can stay away
wherever she is,
because Simon says.

And Simon knows best.