Sunshine rain,
my windowpanes are cracking
with the brightness
and my lightness seeps away;
carelessness absconding
while my fears again are bonding
in between the bones of pretty wrists
like candor—
fix me,
pretty please?

This conviction holds me
in contempt
but you're so tempting
and I'm thinking of relenting
to your grace,
but do make haste;
I'm quite impatient.

Love me like you loved her,
drag me under;
I can give you everything
and maybe it will only
sting a bit,
but I don't bite.
I promise.

We could be eternal
if it weren't for this infernal
mortal bias
walking by us
without a care,
but I was there to see
your eyes as you contrived
to end that lasting

And even as I'm laughing
I realize we're still gasping
for meaning

In so damned a place as
but don't forget
this road's been traveled
by the haggard
once before.

We're just one more.