The church is pale, white, and quiet

Roses and pansies its porch adorn

But peace masks a soul of riot

The way evil is slowly born

The good people prayed, prayed to Him

Who shines so bright when the light is dim.

An abandoned house overlooks the church

It remains steady even after a decade

Shadowed from sun by a cherry birch

Providing such an unwelcome shade

For the house rots, inside and out

The ghosts residing certainly not devout

She came smiling in a gown of lace

That pretty, sinning, cunning bride

He tall, strong with his mocking face

Them, who cheated, hid and lied!

Few years of saccharine sweetness

Spent questioning- did the Lord curse or bless?

Till one day the captured dove had flown

But had left a scar behind

For that man, left alone, alone

The devil slowly played with his mind

Anger and vengeance ripping a soul

Hurt and hatred that none could console

Dark dawn awakend him from sleep

And he hunted her like she was prey

Bitter remorseful tears she did weep

But his small conscience he would not obey

Drew out the dagger with a single cry

Stabbed her heart, and watched as she died

But love hath a gravity that none can evade

And he was weak hearted, though arrogant

So not repentful, but only weakly with a blade

Cut his neck pretending to be gallant

So they lay side by side dead man and wife

Together in death if not so in life

The church bell tolls sweet and low

Who knows who rings them?

What will on them did the lord bestow

Were they blessed, or did he condemn?

But their presence stays with the rotting house

From eternal blame still not aroused

At the back of that house the lay still

Encased in two icy tombs

But the house pervaded by a gloomy chill

Warns that danger still looms

For she protests, he listens and forgives

But it has been too delayed, neither will live.