Alice (by Him)

They met up in their treehouse
While outside winter was
A lonely girl with crystal eyes
A boy who needed love

They'd always known each other
He'd always had her heart
But now that it was his turn
His words just fell apart.

So this is where he took her
To somehow say his thoughts
He sat her down beside him
And in her eyes he looked.

"My Alice, you're my heartbeat,
my Angel without wings,
you're everything around me,
my dreams and fantasies.

I cannot live without you,
you mean so much to me,
and every time I see your face
my breath is gone away.

I want to show you passion,
and I need to let you know
that if you choose to take my love,
you'll never be alone.

I'll always be beside you,
I will always take your hand.
You are beautiful, my Alice,
and I'll give you all I can.

I'll be there when you need me
I would give my life for yours
For you deserve the best of life
And surely even more

I never want to lose you,
and right now I am in pain,
I want to hold you in my arms
with sweet, innocent shame.

I want to wipe your tears away
When sadness is your friend,
And put the light back in your eyes,
So you will smile again.

I know sometimes it will get hard
And we may even fight
But I know together we can work
To always make things right.

I hope you will forgive me
For waiting so long to say
I Love You, darling, Alice,
And my Love won't go away".

Her eyes were filled with teardrops
And her heart beat fast as his
It truly seemed that time had stopped…