Life, another.

"We'll see each other again soon" she said as they parted for the last time. He didn't move, he didn't say a word. Their hands softly brushed as she turned away. Minutes passed while he stood there, waiting. He knew she stood high; where she wanted to be. And when he heard the people cry her death he mouthed to her descending soul "I love you". His blood fell like her suicide onto the concrete walk. And as his eyes closed the curtain of this life, he heard her voice say for the last time "I love you".

And his blood fell like her suicide. Poured out like her dying lungs, crushed. Their lips turning blue together; but her fingertips fell first, set upon her frozen, purple chest… she did not breathe. And after her words, smothered by the blood, sweat, and tears-he exhaled.

They were over long ago. She wanted to be with the sky but couldn't even die there. Nothing above, she lived and died below. The sky went up as she fell down. He just wanted to be with her, to make her happy. But there was no denying the truth. His hope was gone, their salvation was elsewhere. And his blood fell like her suicide. They were dead before their birth.

And they could die again together. If only he hadn't fallen apart when she needed him most. There was no time left for her life. She was already nothing and he was changing. Her heart was none because she gave it to him and in her fear for him she gave him his own. Her breath was made of the voices in her head. They breathed her life to make her suffer. But he was lost in himself and her. So loving but unknowing. And she became more than naïve. They couldn't hold on to an imaginary sanctuary. It's a building too high to scale and too low to find descending angels to save them. They let go.

She took her memories. Give them back on Sunday sometime soon. I can't take this pain anymore. The way I feel I feel for you. Is true. Walk the path of the water and you'll see me jump off from the stairs far above. They tried to lead me to a heaven I couldn't reach. We both failed. And my love my love is true. Sorted out in her head what was dead in her obsession. And the one that would like everyone to love but wants them to die. She wants to fly. He steps onto the water like a god and watches her try. But she falls she falls so quickly. Like her blank mind she turns to nothing, but she bleeds red. Someone laughs; that traitor, hate her. Kill her while I'm gone. But he cannot avenge. As he screams for her broken life he sinks. Because he was a failure too. He screams he screams and his lungs begin to die with the same regret. The water above him will not allow him to pass as it turns to her blood; what he thought. And they all die together. And they're all gone forever.

He walked alone. After watching too long, waiting too long. Cuz all he ever knew was gone; hung up where she knew he would see, where she knew he would think. And he didn't know why. There was nothing left to breathe life into her frozen body; his dreams had frozen in space and time, soon to crumble and never return. And cry, cry, cry. I'm sorry.