Chapter 10

The room grew tense and silent, well the five of them were. All the surroundings sort of faded away and it was just the five of them in this moment. Mina nearly choked on her mouthful of food at the drop of Jeff's bombshell of a message. Amy just wanted to jet out of the place or at least hide from this embarrassment. Sasha looked at him slightly wide-eyed at this new information, speechless. Keith seemed a little concerned, unsure how to exactly react in this situation now. Jeff stood there in place still maintaining eye contact with Sasha, unaffected by all their eyes on him.

Still saying nothing, Sasha just turned and left. It was unlike her to just leave like that without having the final word but knowing her, she wasn't going to leave things be.

Keith looked Jeff directly in the eyes. You could tell Keith wasn't all to happy at the moment and took on a sort of threatening posture as did Jeff, "Hey what's your problem?" Keith questioned Jeff with evident irritation in his voice.

"My problem? You're the one with the problem…" Jeff answered back in a low tone, "How about we take this outside?" Both males seemed ready to fight it out until Amy spoke up.

"Please stop…" she said softly which elicited both Keith and Jeff to look at her, "just stop…"

Jeff relaxed and looked concerned, "Amy I'm sorry…I didn't mean for this to happen. I let my anger get the best of me," he said softly as Amy stood up and looked like she was ready to leave.

Amy only shook her head and smiled slightly, "It's ok Jeff," she said as she gently reached forward to grip his arm and look him in the eyes, "I'm kind of glad you did what you did. I have to face it sooner or later."

Jeff returned her smile though he wasn't too sure if Amy really was ok and just saying that for his benefit. Amy only gripped him a little tighter to reassure him, "Don't worry Jeff, I'll be okay," she whispered and released him.

"Wow Jeff, and you get mad at me for almost spilling secrets?" Mina interjected which earned her a glare from Jeff and a small laugh from Amy.

Amy looked at Mina and shook her head, "I think I want to go home now. Would you guys take me home?" she asked, seeming like nothing happened but there was a lot on her mind right now.

Mina nodded as well as Jeff. As Amy walked right by Keith, he stopped her by taking a gentle hold of her arm, "Amy…" he spoke her name softly which caused her to look at him though with slightly sad eyes.

"Not right now, I'm sorry…" she said meekly and moved back slightly so Keith's hand was removed from her arm. Amy then walked out with the other two following suit, leaving Keith behind.

At home, Amy stayed in her room, looking outside her window. The street was quiet with little to no activity. The sky was changing colors, almost time for the sunset in an hour or so. She let out a sigh, "So much happened today…" she breathed out. Internally she was nothing short of a mess. She could keep telling herself things would be alright, but this was already a lot more than she could handle or at least knew how to handle.

With a soft knock at the door, Amy let out another sigh and plopped onto her bed and looked up at the ceiling, "Come in."

"Is everything alright honey?" her mother asked as she peeked her head through the door to look at her daughter.

Amy kept her head straight and focused on the ceiling, "Yeah mom, everything is great…" she said softly which only caused her mother to come fully into the room, shut the door and sit on a space on the bed next to her child.

"I know my daughter better than that…" she said smiling and stroking Amy's hair.

Amy looked at her mother and cracked a smile, "Am I that easy to read right now?" she questioned jokingly. "Feelings mom…why are they so complicated?"

Her mother only let out a quiet laugh, "Let me guess, boys?" and with Amy's glance back and making eye contact, she let out another laugh, "I've been there. Love is so complicated. Your father for example, need I say more?" with that said both of them shared a laugh, "But you are young Amy. When you find that one person, it's complicated, but over time it will get better."

"But what if you already found that one person?" Amy asked and looked up at the ceiling as if thinking for herself what the answer to that question could be.

Her mother looked at her, a little surprised, "Do tell…" she said positioning herself to lay down next to her daughter as if her best friend and they were going to gossip.

Amy felt a smile grace her lips, "Oh mom…" she said softly but with a chuckle, "Well he's the popular kid in school and stuff…I only found out at the masked dance when he held my hand I felt that connection thing. And earlier," she began but trailed off as she started to think back to what happened when she went to eat out with Mina and Jeff, "I felt it again when he touched my arm earlier when I was leaving." she said placing a hand on her arm where Keith stopped her for a short moment. She gently stroked the area, aware her mother was looking at her from the corner of her eye.

"You got it bad huh?" she spoke out although not intending for it to be answered.

"Maybe, I'm not sure," Amy said with a slight blush and looked over at her mother when she felt her place a hand over hers, "Mom thanks for letting me talk to you," she said giving her a smile.

Her mother smiled back and then got up, "Any time. I may only be human but I'll do what I can for you. If I can't, you always have your father," she said giving a wink. Once more they both shared a laugh.

*Next day at school*

Amy already knew things were different. The stares. The whispers whenever she walked by. She hated the attention, dreaded it actually. Why couldn't things be the way they were before when she faded into anonymity when people got used to the new girl being around here, "Things are so bad…" she mumbled into Mina's shoulder as Mina gave her a hug.

Mina glared at Jeff, "See what you did? This is all your fault," she said in a low tone but made sure she drew out the word your in her sentence to tease him.

Jeff rolled his eyes, "Don't blame me…I was a little mad and I'm sure you would have done the same thing…"

"No I wouldn't have actually…well on second thought I might have," Mina answered with a short laugh only to have Amy mumbled some words as she stayed with her face planted on Mina's shoulder.

Amy finally raised her head, "This isn't your fault, it-"

"Oh this is totally his fault…or Mrs. Popular's doing…" she said in a growl and cutting Amy off.

Amy only laughed but let out a breathy sigh soon after, "I won't lie I'm a little scared to go to class…"

Jeff shook his head, "Don't be, I'll walk you to class and I'll be there to get you after. If anyone wants to mess with you, they have to go through me first," he said with a rather fierce look in his eyes which did make Amy turn slightly pink in the cheeks at Jeff's attempts to protect her after what happened the day before.

Hearing the bell ring, they parted ways except for Jeff and Amy who walked together to her first class. Before Amy stepped foot into the classroom, Jeff stopped her and placed his hands on her shoulders, "I want to make this right, but I'm afraid I don't think I can anymore," he said letting out a sigh and feeling a little defeated.

Amy only smiled back at him, "Don't beat yourself up…you're starting to sound like me…" she said joking causing him to chuckle a little, "but no matter how hard I'll fall from what has happened or what may happen, I won't be alone and I'm thankful I have friends like you to pick me up," she said putting her arms around him and giving him a hug.

Jeff hugged her class, "I'll be waiting for you out here when your class lets out…" he whispered and placed a kiss atop her head and finally released her from their embrace.

Amy looked at him a little confused about what Jeff had done but smiled nonetheless. Finally walking into class, she had a slight confidence boost despite all the stares she was getting from her fellow classmates. Finding her way to her normal seat, she felt a shiver run down her spine. She didn't need to know better to know she was probably getting some sort of death stare from Sasha who sat somewhere in the back. Her heart skipped a beat when the teacher whacked some sort of stick atop her desk, causing all the students to instantly turn their attention to the front, "Class pay attention," the teacher warned sternly as she began to lecture.

Amy's confidence began to falter slightly when she could feel that cold stare remain on her for the duration of class. However a couple minutes before class was set to get out she noticed Jeff leaning against the wall adjacent to the classroom door and felt a small smile grace her lips. When class was over, she was one of the first people to be out of class, somewhat unnerved by the constant glared at feeling she felt during class. She let out a sigh of relief when she joined Jeff's side and noticed Sasha emerge from class and not even acknowledge them, but Amy knew better in that it was Sasha who was watching her the whole time.

"Calm down jackrabbit," Jeff said jokingly having Amy smile slightly. He put his arm around her and they walked away to meet up with Mina for their next class.

Mina eyed the two suspiciously, "What's going on here hmmm?" she said in a sort of purr making Amy blush when she realized Mina referred to Jeff having his arm around her and yet Jeff did not remove his arm from around her.

The trio walked into class and walked to their usual spot. As expected, classmates would glance their way and whisper things but this time hushed up when Keith walked into the room. He didn't glance once towards them, just went to his seat and looked forward.

Amy looked in his direction curiously, wondering what was going on in his mind. Why did it matter anyways? She inhaled slowly, held her breath, and exhaled slowly and quietly to relax and focus as class started. When it was over, Amy noticed Keith get up and walk away, again not glancing in their direction. Shrugging it off, the trio walked out of the class only to come face to face with Keith in the hallway.

"Amy could we…talk?" Keith asked looking directly at her.

Amy stood there a quietly as she contemplated. He wanted to talk, and all she had to do was listen. Simple right?

"Alone…I don't want you to have to avoid me…" he said quietly.

Amy felt her heart rate quicken. Sure she was nervous. There were a number of things Keith would want to talk about. Freezing up slightly she took a step back feeling a little uncomfortable.

"Now doesn't seem like a good time…" Jeff muttered.

Keith shot Jeff a warning glance, "I'm not talking to you," he said in a low tone.

"Not again…" Mina growled quietly and rolled her eyes.

Jeff arched a brow, "How about you back off?" he said with a slight smirk as if he was planning something.

"Jeff what are you doing?" Mina questioned a little concerned for her brother for once.

"This doesn't concern you, I'm here to talk to Amy…" Keith said calmly.

"Oh I think this does concern me…" Jeff said and then turned to Amy, put his hands on her cheeks and placed his lips to hers.

Author's Note: Carmel March: I'm glad to be back. Hope you enjoy this chapter too : )

everyone else: What just happened (if you're thinking that)? Hehe, I'm making things complicated between my characters, it is and isn't intentional. I just have to say this and be honest, I'm taking this story down a whole new road but it's going to end up where I originally had it planned. That's what happens when you're away for a while and neglect your stories haha. Hope things are interesting enough for you guys so far. : )