Stupid, Not Blind

- Poem -

When you're holding him, absorbing his pain,
his eyes glaze over and he is clearly elsewhere.

You think he looks at you,
but I can see his gaze travel past your ear to land on her.

You came to me when he left you,
throwing accusations for not sharing my suspicions.

But I told you, dear friend, and you didn't listen.

What was it you said? Oh yes:
I was the jealous one.
I was the friend who had turned on you.
I was the one holding you back from true love.

But I'm here now, and he's not.
I'm here, and your words are fresh in my mind.
Can you erase them?
Can you take them back?

And then she leaves him for greener grass.
He returns to his favourite pasture - you.
You're wrong, you know, to take him back.

Every word that comes out of your mouth is now a lie.

Are you with him?
No, you say, he's just a friend.

Where were you last night when I needed a shoulder to cry on?
I was out...with him, you tell me - as if there's nothing wrong with it.

Why are you buying two tickets?
You stare at me blankly. He's my date to the formal.

Just last week, you were crying because he said hurtful things.
Sorry is a word not found in his vocabulary, you informed me through tears.
I don't love him, you add as an afterthought - he's just my friend.

A friend who reduces you to tears on a consistent basis?
Versus a friend who was beside you every step of the way?

Sometimes I can't help but think you deserve it.
They say love is blind, but now I know it is also stupid.
You're living proof of that.

A/N: Sorry for this piece of angst, but I just had to get it out in some way or another. Here's a little back story, in case you're wondering:

My friend began dating this guy around three years ago, and then right before Christmas two years ago he dumped her because his ex (who had left him for another guy) came back into the picture. It took me ages to get my friend to calm down and focus on studying for exams; the asshole had been messing with her mind for all of November and most of December while he was getting back in touch with his ex.

Three months later he called my friend up out of the blue and told her (rubbed it in her face) that he had taken his ex-turned-girlfriend to his house, introduced her to his family, and they were now engaged and to be married after graduating. He wanted her to hurt because she'd told him off and gotten him in a lot of shit with their mutual friends when he left her.

That started another waterworks - just in time for our second round of exams.

And then last September (so nine months after he left her for his ex), he got back in touch with her with a story of how his ex-turned-girlfriend left him again, and that he was never going to give her another chance. My (retarded) friend agreed to his plea to be his "friend", because he didn't want to "lose what friendship they had" before the shit hit the fan.

So now they're "friends", he comes to our campus (he attends another school) to "visit", and she has been skipping classes to go out to eat with him "because the food is good off-campus and he has a car". Not to mention, he's her date for our graduation formal, which our group of friends was going to attend WITHOUT our boyfriends. Hell, I'm engaged and I told my guy he's NOT ALLOWED to come because it was supposed to be a final girls night of bonding before we all go our separate ways.

I'm pissed, can you tell?

P.S. A note from my fiancé (he has been bugging me to let him write one for some time now, so I figured this is a perfect opportunity to, since I'm complaining about love and all):

Hello all,

Rebekah's obviously in an I-hate-men mode, so I'm going to try and avoid saying anything romantic in this message because she'll probably kick me in the face for it. (Yes darling, you're right - men do suck.) See, now I'm at a loss because I'm a romantic guy and that makes this letter all the harder to write. (She just pinched me.)

After nagging at her to let me write a little note, I don't know what to say. Darn it, so I guess I'll just be a good citizen and say: STAY IN SCHOOL KIDS!

Oh, and: LOVE IS STUPID. (She made me write that.)

Happy reading/writing/bashing men!

- Kalen