fade to gray.

i have been trapped in the dark for too long,
i don't know if i could adjust to a light like yours.

you are my extreme,
for you i dream,
but i can't see you.

let in the color.

i scream a violent violet melody,
but your blue ears cannot hear.

cheer up love, the skies are a yellow tint,
from all of of this excitement.

i just wish i could escape this old fashion cavern,
the greyscale doesn't express the emotions i feel.
the soft pink of a shy blush.
the way your eyes change in the light.

come love, let us close our monochromatic eyes.
let us dream in colors that fill the screen.

you are my extreme.

we have to go back,
the sky is turning black,
soon i'll loose you to a blank canvas,
until i do, i'll pretend i was colored by you.

color me lovely.