­­­­The Trick

Button up your coat and tie your boots
Look in the mirror and proudly sniff
The reflection of a soldier,
the costume of a monster

It's Halloween
Didn't you hear?
Dress up!
Be quick!
The tricks begin.

Rest, you say. Comfort them
Then take them from their homes.
Lie and lie and lie until your lips turn blue.

Watch them. Manipulate them.
Spring the trap. Bam!
They are trapped!
The tricks will win.

Fools! Fools!
You should have run away.
Tools! Tools!
Until you rust

Who needs a rusty hammer?
Throw it away
Replace it with the next
That one too?
Some more! They come to fill the empty bench
Then the next; the next

How fun to play with hammers and lives
To throw away and let them die
To keep and make them work

How fun to play with lives and hammers
To beat and pound Them
To shout and hang Them
Of course, not You
Until your buttons fall off and your boots wear down
They point and shout: Next you! Next shall be You

The trick has closed around you too.
It's Halloween, isn't it?

-- -- --- -- --- --- -- ---

A/N: Thank you for reading. I read a book about the Holocaust and felt moved, so I wrote this.

criticism and praise appreciated :-)