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Chapter 1: Rendezvous With Fate
Place: London
Time: September 1524

She stood solitary under the white gazebo. Her brown hair pulled neatly in low ponytail by a black ribbon, her brown eyes looking into the endless dark rain that covered London streets. An occasional horse-draw carriage holding home-going passengers passed by her unnoticed.
She was not looking for carriages... she was looking for a human that would be walking home...
'Home...' she thought. How she longed to be out of this scratchy wool dress and into her black silks... Back to serve her master...
She gave a deep sigh and leaned against one of the white painted poles that stood out well in the darkness of the night storm. Lightning briefly illuminated the sky, followed by the deep roar of thunder. Her eyes gazed to a side street on instinct as she sensed her target approaching.
She gave a smirk as her prey came into view. Her left, turquoise gloved hand reached down into her sash and took a hold a dagger hidden there. She hesitated.

"He has a family..."

'He's your prey... he has no family... he is a mere mortal... What he thinks he possesses, he does not...' she thought angrily, pulling out the elegantly jeweled, diamond edged dagger and hiding it in her sleeve as she began walking forward, closing in on her prey.
She followed him, completely oblivious to the rain, as her target hurried home. She didn't care, really... her body didn't mind the cold... though she didn't necessarily liked getting wet. Her mission was nearly completed and that was all that mattered...
'He's the key to stopping the Demon Wars...' she thought as he headed into a park. 'And he has a rendezvous with fate...' For a moment she stopped, looking back. Her amber brown eyes darted across the barren streets curiously.
"Hmm... I could of sworn I heard something..." she muttered out loud. She shook her head, dismissing the thought and continued after her prey.
"Like an owl, flying at night, make my body now take flight..." she whispered, casting a floating spell. A smirk played against her crimson lips. 'It has been a long time since I used this spell... Let's see how good it works...' she thought, happily.
Using the wall as a boost, she kicked off and shot through the air straight towards her target. The wind and rain blew harshly against her, but she continued to ignore it as she pulled out her dagger. She arched her hand backwards as she closed in for the kill...
"NO!" a voice screamed out of no where. Suddenly, a wind spell hit her on the side of the gut causing her to fly backwards straight into a wall. The woman's brown eyes suddenly shifted and turned a brilliant yellow. Inside her mouth, she felt two of her teeth grow and sharpen themselves.
She gave a low growl as she looked up at her attacker. The attacker was a woman, as she was, and was draped in a blue silk dress with golden straps and a golden pendant in the center. Her short red hair bounced about her and her blue eyes looked straight into the yellow eyes of the stalker. Behind her, were a pair of white wings, while above her head, a golden halo.
"Angel..." the yellow eyed stalker muttered. The angel returned the greeting as she watched her calmly.
"Vampire..." the angel replied. The vampire stalker glanced at her prey to see him standing there, stunned, and unknowing of what to do.
"Angel? Vampire?! I think I may have had one to many shots of gin!" he said, surprised. The vampire smiled, flashing her sharp fangs.
"Yeah... That's it... This is all a hallucination... You might want to stay until it's over, so you don't go getting killed by a carriage or something..." she said. The angel cursed under her breath, her wings fluttering slightly.
"Liar..." she muttered. Her head jerked towards the man, damp hair flying about her face. "This is real! And you are in danger!" The vampire continued to smile.
"Listen angel... Your services aren't needed here..." she muttered. "I've only come to give him everything he could possibly want..." The man instantly grew deeply interested.
"What does thou mean... Everything I could possibly want?" he inquired. 'Hook... line... and sinker...' the vampire thought, gleefully.
"Simple... I shall grant thou eternal happiness... eternal pleasure... eternal youth..." she said. The angel scowled at the vampire.
"Believe her not! She grants you death!" she cried. The vampire gave a low growl.
"Silence pest!" she cried, raising her hand towards her. "Souls of death, hear my spell! Give me the power of the fires of Hell!" At that moment, a blast of fire was released from the vampire's gloved hand and straight towards the cursed angel.
A direct hit...
The angel screamed as she was blasted backwards, skidding on the ground as she went. The Vampire smiled.
"Pitiful..." she muttered as she watched the angel try to stand up. She gave a small laugh and walked over to the man, who was still cautious. Once she got too close, he took a step back. The vampire stopped and frowned.
"You're afraid of me?" she asked, then smiled. "Don't worry... I don't bite... hard anyways..." The man seemed ever more cautious before.
"Stay back demon!" he cried. The vampire laughed.
"A demon? I thank you for your compliment, but I am only a lesser demon... I don't have the powers of a high ranking demon..."
"Then you do lie!"
"About the eternal happiness? I wouldn't lie about something like that..." The man gave a grunt.
"And what do you want in return, vampire?" he asked. She gave a wide smile.
"I want nothing..."
"Why would you give me something so valuable and expect nothing in return?"
"Because it means nothing to me..." There was a long silence between the mortal and the immortal. The vampire noticed her dagger was in plain view and quickly hid it up her sleeve again.
'Come on mortal...' she thought, angrily. "I have other things to attend to... If you don't want it..." The vampire let it hang as she began to walk away.
"Wait!" the mortal man cried. She turned around to face him again. Again, a moment of silence as he considered it. "Will my wife and children be there also?"
The vampire closed her eyes, cursing silently to herself. 'Why did you have to bring up them... Why do you have to remind me? Make it so much harder?' her mind asked.
"It is the land of eternal happiness... If you wish them to be there... they will be..." she whispered. The man nodded.
"I wish it so... Take me to this land..." he said. "And bring my family..." The vampire smiled.
"As you wish..." she replied. "Close your eyes, mortal..." And so he did. The vampire's smile grew wider. She took out her dagger once more and placed her hand on top of his head. "Don't move now... If you do... it would upset the balance of the land of eternal happiness..." she whispered.
And his body grew stiff. 'How easily humans fall...' she thought, smiling. She moved her left arm across her body, preparing to slash him...
"NO!" the angel cried from behind her. But her cries were in despair... The vampire swung her arm and slashed the man's throat. His eyelids opened to reveal pure white as the two eyes rolled to the back of his head. Blood dripped down his neck from the wound.
The vampire smiled with satisfaction and dropped the man's body, letting it fall limply to the ground. 'How pathetic... Mortals... They give in to temptation too easily...' she thought, tasting the blood on her dagger. 'Time to see how angel is doing...' With that she placed the dagger back in it's hiding place within her sash.
"Spirits that see with sight beyond sight! Grant me now the power of Heaven's Light!" The vampire swerved around just in time to see a ray of light slice her right arm, leaving a deep wound that oozed with her own blood.
It was amazing... she never thought she had blood... But that wasn't her concern right then...
She gave a low growl as she began to power up another spell. 'A shame I don't know any death spells... I'll have to learn one...' she thought, raising her hand again.
"The jagged cold has turned this tear, from a single drop, to a deadly ice spear!" the vampire screamed as four jagged ice spears appeared floating around her raised left hand. She hurled them forward and three of them missed the angel completely and the fourth going through her shoulder.
The angel screamed as the ice melted away, leaving a nasty hole where her shoulder was. Blood poured from the wound though she held it as tightly as she could. The vampire smiled. "So much for the almighty power of God..." she muttered as the angel fell backwards, against a brick wall. The red haired angel's legs collapsed from under her and she slid slowly to the ground, her blood smearing the wall.
The vampire gave a smirk and walked up to her opponent and squatted down in front of her, satisfied with what she had done... "Do you have a name angel?" she asked. "I always like to know the names of those I kill... I write them down in my diary..."
The angel glared at her, despite the pain. "Only if I know the name of my killer..." The vampire gave a wide smile.
"You first..." she whispered.
"Teresa... Angel, class five..."
"Class five? Pretty low..."
"Shut up..."
The vampire laughed with glee. "My name... is a secret among all demons, high or low... No one dares to know it... Since you're going to die anyway... I see no problem in telling you..." The vampire stood up and gave a long, silent smirk.
"So...?" the angel asked, clutching her wound. The vampire turned around and started walking away from the broken angel.
"Pricilla... Vampire, Lesser Demon..."