Trust me when I say
do not trust me.

I will lie, cheat and steal
until you've become a
dry husk of a person dedicated
to feeding my addictions.

There are no redeeming
character traits.
I'm not your dream girl.
I'm not your baby doll.

I'm a slut.
Do not care about me
or hold me.
Never let me sob into your shoulder.

don't ever let
me love you.

There will never
be a picture-perfect
I'm the girlfriend who will
fck things up with such constancy,
you'll have trouble believing all my mistakes
are 'accidents'.

I'm just one of those things
you just should not touch.

If you love me,
you'll take my advice,
and leave me like an AIDs infected blood donation.

Sometimes I make stupid mistakes and hate myself for it.